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koi felt-tip colors 48 colors

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  Koi Flowmaster Water Colors | koi watercolor brush pens


Product Description :

A set of color pencils from the Japanese Sakura brand. The box contains 48 colors of Koi watercolor pens of different degrees, which can be mixed and come up with a new distinctive color.

Product Features:  

  • Helping artists and illustrators create and produce artwork.
  • Koi watercolors are easy to use anytime and anywhere.
  • More than one color can be combined and eventually come out with a masterful and impressive work of art.
  • Koi Watercolors have a water-based base that is easy to blend and dries quickly to help you create multiple layers of color creativity.
  • Use with A3 watercolor sketchbook.
  • Felt colors feature a flexible brush head that enables you to create fine, medium or bold lines by changing the pressure on the brush and using the method of pressing on the paintings.
  • These colors are used with Japanese mango leaves.
  • Koi Flowmaster Water Colors are one of the best brands used in Saudi Arabia.
  • It was made of non-toxic materials, so it can be used for children aged five years and over, and it has an odorless water basis.
  • The pen is light at 0.26g so it is easy to use and carry.
  • The box has an attractive shape that can be easily put in the bag.
  • Their colors are attractive and give the paintings a natural aesthetic shape and a dazzling attractive shape.
  • Felt colors from Koi brand can be refilled more than once.
  • Easy to use with novice people.
  • The case can be carried in the pocket with ease.

Product details:  

  • Number of colors: 48 colors of felt.

  • Head type: Koi Watercolor features a flexible tip brush with which to paint large areas.

  • Color Base: This range features an odorless, water-based base of various shades that dries quickly.

  • Brand: Sakura brand.

  • Country of Manufacture: Japan
44.82 USD 45.90 USD
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Sarah Alaamri

1 year ago

جميل و خيارات الألوان كثيرة و الفرش انسيابية ???

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