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Koi FLOWERS Colors Roses 6 colors

7.83 USD

Koi Watercolor Pens Rose Tones | koi watercolor brush pens

  Koi Flowmaster Colors Roses 6 colors are distinguished by their attractive beauty, they come in wonderful rose colors, their colors are pink, fuchsia, violet, pink, phosphorous and blue, it is one of the best colors dedicated to drawing wonderful picturesque flowers.

Product Features:

  • The shades of colors are completely different from each other, but this is what distinguishes them as you have a different set of colors to build a very beautiful and high quality painting.
  • These pens help in drawing any lines at any time and anywhere, as they give the user the ability to control the drawing of thin, thick and medium lines, and this happens through the method of pressing the tip of the brush.
  • It does not have any odors and this feature makes it one of the most comfortable colors for its users as it does not affect them with its smell.
  • Its basis is water-based, which makes it dries quickly, so the drawing does not deform, and it does not leave any trace on the paper.
  • It is distinguished by its ease of blending, which helps in creating multiple different color layers with ease.

number of colors:

Six shades of different shades, but all the colors are like gorgeous roses.

brush head type:

Tapered to make it easier to draw lines and control their thickness.

the foundation :

Watery, making it unique and easy to handle anywhere and anytime.

trade mark :

Sakura is one of the wonderful international brands offered by FRAS SHOP.

country of origin :


7.83 USD
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