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Koi Flowmaster Colors Natural shades 6 colors

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Koi Watercolor Pens Nature Tones | koi watercolor brush pens

koi watercolor brush pens nature colors 6 colors koi watercolor brush pens are characterized by their beautiful beauty as all of their colors are from nature and contain brown, green, turquoise, gold, olive and milky.

Product Features:

  • The color gradations are different from each other, but they are consistent.
  • In the case of using these colors, the drawings and paintings become more beautiful, due to the fact that they are colors that resemble the colors of the picturesque nature that all people love.
  • It helps in producing a lot of works and graphics everywhere and at any time.
  • It has the ability to draw thin lines, medium lines and bold lines through the user's pressure on the color brush.
  • The use of these colors does not cause inconvenience to the users as they are odorless.
  • It is water-based and this makes it dry quickly and does not distort the graphics and there are no dots of color on the paper.
  • Ease of merging colors and making multiple layers of them.

number of colors:

6 colors of beautiful nature.

brush age:

The tip of the brush is tapered so that the user can draw thin, thick and medium lines by applying force on the tip of the brush.

Color base:

Water-based colors and this gives the consumer great ease in dealing with them.

trade mark :

Sakura is one of the most famous brands and brands in the world.

Country of Manufacture:


7.83 USD
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