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Koi Flowmaster Colors Sunset 6 colors

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Koi Watercolor Pens Sunset | koi watercolor brush pens

Koi Flowmaster Sunset Colors 6 colors koi watercolor brush pens, help its users to produce the most beautiful and wonderful works, and is characterized by its wonderful gradation of colors, including red, orange, brown, cyan, milky and a degree of wonderful cashmere shades, this group is characterized by all the sunset colors inspired by nature.

Product Features

  • The pens brush is characterized by its flexibility that helps its users to create a wonderful and distinguished artistic production at any time and any place.
  • Using this type of color, users find it easy to make thin, medium and bold lines through the method of pressing the brush.
  • It does not have any pungent odor so it does not bother its users.
  • It is water based and therefore dries quickly. Therefore, it is easy to make layers of colors on top of each other without distortion in the painting and there are no traces of colors on the paintings.
  • Helps in the process of merging colors with ease.
  • Various degrees and variety, which makes it versatile.

number of colors

The number of colors per box 6 colors in different degrees of sunset colors.

product basis

The basis of the colors is water-based, which makes it easy and comfortable to use.

trade mark

Sakura is one of the best brands and brands in the world.

country of origin

Japan .

7.83 USD
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