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Koi-Fluor Master Colors Basic 6 Colors

7.83 USD

Koi Watercolor Pens Basic Grades | koi watercolor brush pens

Koi Flowmaster Colors are basic 6 colors that contain the basic colors, which are red, green, brown, black, yellow and fuchsia, and they are distinguished by their different wonderful degrees.

Product Features:

  • Watercolors help create stunning and outstanding artwork anytime, anywhere.
  • The color brush is characterized by its flexibility, so it helps in creating fine, thick and medium lines, by applying pressure to the tip of the brush.
  • It is odorless so it does not cause any inconvenience to those who use it.
  • The water-based colors make them blend in easily when mixed together.
  • These colors dry quickly, and this is due to their watery nature which keeps the graphics from distorting.
  • We can make many different color layers because they are easy to blend and dry.

Product color:

Six colors in different shades.

brush head type:

Tapered to facilitate the process of creating fine, medium and thick lines by applying pressure on the tip of the brush.

Color base:

It is water-based and has many advantages, the most important of which is that it does not distort the graphics due to its quick drying.

trade mark :

Sakura, which is considered one of the most famous brands at the local and international levels.

country of origin :

Japan country.

7.83 USD
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