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Koi fluorescent colors 6 gray shades

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6 colors koi watercolor brush pens . koi watercolor brush pens

The colors of the Koi Flowmaster range in 6 shades of gray, starting with light gray and ending with dark gray. It is one of the favorite colors of most painters. Almost no painting is devoid of this color gradation, as it increases the graphics beauty and professionalism, which draws attention to it.

Product Features

  • The color brush is characterized by its flexibility, which makes it easy to use in drawing lines, whether they are thin, medium or bold, through the method of pressing the tooth of the brush.
  • Koi Watercolor Pens can be used to produce great artwork anytime and anywhere for ease of use.
  • Quick-drying and this results from its water-based base that helps in creating layers of color on top of each other, and also helps in the process of merging colors in a wonderful and attractive way.
  • Gray colors are among the colors that draw attention to them, so artists use them in drawing their paintings to increase the beauty of the paintings.
  • Adding those gray colors to the artistic painting gives it a stunning luster and remarkable professionalism.

number of colors

6 colors in shades of gray.

product basis

Watery, which makes it easier for users to deal with this type of color, as there is no distortion of the panels, and there are no residual colors on the panels.

trade mark

Sakura, which is one of the best brands and brands in the world.

country of manufacture

Japan .

7.83 USD
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