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koi watercolor 12 colors

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Koi Watercolor 12 Colors | Sakura Koi Watercolor 12

It contains 12 different colors between primary and sub-tones, and additional colors can be produced by mixing. Also included is a water-storable paintbrush, has a split lid that can be used as a blending base and a side sponge for drying the brush.

product specification :

Number of ingredients: 12 watercolors in different shades .


Medium size brush that can store water.

Side sponge.

Base for integration.

Design: plastic palette and watercolor brush .

Product type: Watercolor .

Manufacturer: Sakura Corporation of Japan .

Country of Origin: Japan.

Brand: Sakura.

Product demonstration video:

Product Features:

The Koi Watercolor product is distinguished by the fact that it contains a number of different and distinctive water colors.

Koi colors are easy to use and carry.

⋆ It is located inside a plastic box to preserve the colors from damage.

Sakura color box includes a special watercolor brush to ensure smooth blending. 

Koi watercolors are characterized by their small size and easy to carry and move to anywhere as they do not take up much space.

It is also characterized by being easy to carry in any pocket of the clothes.

⋆ The brush with it is very distinctive so that you can use the colors in an easy way.

This type of color is considered one of the best watercolors that can be used in terms of both ease of use and portability, as well as in terms of the product itself and its distinctive industry.

It is also distinguished by its acceptable price for many people.

The brush with it is made of propylene, and it also has a tank in which water is transferred, and in addition, the bristles of the brush are made of nylon.

Koi Sakura colors are the right colors to take on a picnic trip, go to the beach or any other place, they are specially designed for easy carrying anywhere without getting damaged.

These colors were placed in a certain way to allow the process of mixing colors easily and thus obtaining a large number of different colors from a small number of colors found in those palettes.

However, this watercolor packaging should be kept in a completely dry place.

14.58 USD
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صِبا الفهيد

1 year ago

مره حلوه وسهله الاستعمال واقدر اسوي تاثيرات كثيره في الرسم


ريود العتيبي

1 year ago

جدا جميل وصلني نفس الصوره بالضبط ❤️


طلال السعدي

1 year ago


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