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koi watercolor 18 colors

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Color specs:

Koi Watercolor 18 Colors | Sakura Koi Watercolor 18

Basic information about the product:

✬ Contains 18 assorted colors between primary and sub tones, additional colors can also be produced by mixing. Also includes a water-storable paintbrush, as well as a blending plastic base and two side brushes for drying sponges. Which makes in your hand a complete set to give more comfort in use, so we recommend buying it.

Product Description :

✬ We offer you koi water colors the perfect choice, as they are specially designed for people with an artistic sense because of their ability to help reach the maximum levels of purity and fluidity, which makes them the first requirement.

product specification :

✬ Watercolors from Sakura Koi are of high purity and quality. They are recommended for all ages, as they are suitable for children and beginners.

number of components:

✬ 18 watercolors in different shades.

✬ Contains a medium size brush that can store water.

✬ Two side sponges.

✬ base for integration.

the design :

✬ Koi watercolors are designed inside a ballet made of high-quality plastic and are placed in a carton box with the shape of the ballet printed from the inside with its attractive colors, in addition to its base containing a grip that is placed in the hand for ease of use.

✬ It comes with Sakura Koi watercolors, a paintbrush that can store water, in addition to its hair made of high-quality materials to give a smooth touch.

✬ It comes with two high-quality sponges. Which makes it easy to dry the brush.

✬ This type of watercolor was designed at the height of beauty and creativity.

Features :

✬ Easy to use and carry.

✬ Seamless integration.

✬ It is carried anywhere because of its lightness. Which helps you deal with it easily and conveniently.

✬ This type of color is the perfect choice that many drawing enthusiasts and great artists seek because of its flexibility in completing the drawing process.

✬ High purity and clarity koi watercolor. Which makes you in front of a vivid picture in all its details.

✬ Its bright colors appear attractively under the different lights.

These colors are characterized by quick drying.

✬ Equipped with a medium-sized, easy-to-use brush that saves water.

✬ It contains two pieces of high quality sponge, which helps in faster absorption and drying.

✬ The perfect choice as it gives the painting something flowy and lively.

✬ It has an attractive and shiny luster that makes the image always speaking and not faded.

✬ Mixing colors with each other makes you do not need any external color, as it is an integrated group.

✬ Working on bringing out the talent of children and adults and exploring their artistic sense of imagination.

✬ Sakura Koi has its own attractiveness in the world of watercolor, as it always seeks to develop its products, which made it produce various colors and excel in distinct and different groups of high-purity colors, and then it gives high attractiveness and draws attention, as once used makes us feel the picturesque nature.

✬ Koi colors have a high ability to meet all the needs and requirements sought by many great and talented young artists.

Usage tips:

Sakura Koi watercolors are completely safe for adults and children.

√ It is recommended to carry these colors completely away from infants to avoid any health problem.

Carry Sakura Koi colors anywhere for ease of use and its not heavy at all.

√ It is characterized by its lightness, due to its wonderful design, which makes it easy to use with complete flexibility and ease.

Product type: Watercolor belongs to Sakura Koi Company.

Country of Origin: Japan.

Brand: Sakura Koi.

18.90 USD
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رغد الزهراني

9 months ago

بطللله وسهلة في الاستخدام ونتيجتها رهيبه


أنهال القويفلي

10 months ago

حبيتها مرة ولا توسخ المكان والوانها فاتحه وجميلة


منار سعيد

1 year ago

مررره كويسه لناس الي توها تبي تبتدي


شهد ...

1 year ago

جميله للمبتدئين ودمج الألوان سهل

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