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special edition

koi watercolor 24 glossy colors

24.03 USD

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Color specs:

Shiny Koi Watercolor | Sakura Koi Watercolor CAC

Product Description:

Koi watercolors from Sakura special edition, consisting of 24 colors, including 4 metallic, 8 fluorescent and 12 pearly colors, in addition to a brush and a side sponge.

Product Features:

This palette combines multiple types of colors to give the palette distinctive details, and it is easy to blend and use, and is suitable for movement. It contains a unique brush designed so that it can be filled with water, which facilitates the coloring process. The lid of the case can be used as a combination pallet.

Product details:

  • Number of colors: 24 colors.
  • 4 metallic, 8 fluorescent, 12 pearl.
  • Includes a refillable brush.
  • It has a side sponge.
  • Brand: Sakura.
  • Country of Manufacture: Japan.

24.03 USD
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رايه دباس

9 months ago

للاول مره اجرب الوان كوي ولا عندي خبره كافيه بالالوان المائية بس حبيت اللمعة وقعت في حبها😔💘، حسيت الالوان شوي فاتحه مو غامقة


أشواق العطاس

1 year ago

تجنن هالالوان واللمعه اللي فيها لاتفوتوها


عايشة القرشي

1 year ago


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