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koi watercolor 48 colors

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Koi Watercolor from Sakura | Sakura Koi Watercolor

Product Description :  

Koi watercolors from Sakura brand, the box contains 48 different colors, a paintbrush, and a palette for mixing and blending colors.

Product Features:  

  • The box contains 48 assorted colors, ranging between primary and secondary colours.
  • The user can combine more than one of the primary colors to get additional colors for more creativity in the paintings.
  • The box contains a brush that can be used to combine colors and draw with them on artboards.
  • The brush can also be used to store water in it.
  • The box also contains a base for mixing or a palette with more than one square between the big and the small to combine the colors with.
  • Inside the koi color box there is a side sponge to dry the brush with when needed.
  • The case is suitable for carrying on travel or carrying it in small handbags.
  • The method of use and color mixing is shown on the outside of the box.
  • The colors inside the box appear on its outer cover so that users can easily see it.
  • Colors can be used with an A3 watercolor sketchbook.
  • The colors are quick drying, allowing the user to enjoy an attractive painting with stunning landscapes as if it were real scenes.
  • Easy to use as novice users can benefit from the magic and appeal of colors not only professional painters.

Product details:  

Colors Type: Easy-to-use dry colors. Many different colors can be mixed with the aim of creativity and brilliance.

Number of colors: A box containing 48 colors.

Paintbrush: The box contains a brush to store water in it and can be used for drawing.

Blending base: The koi color box contains a palette to blend the colors with.

Side sponge: The color box also includes a sponge for drying the brush.

Brand: Sakura Brand.

Country of Manufacture: Japan.

45.90 USD
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