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large drawing stand

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Large drawing stand product information

✬ A large-sized stand to hold large-sized panels firmly without being broken in any way, since it is made of solid and durable wood.

Product Description :

It is very important to choose drawing tools carefully and carefully to get perfect paintings free of defects. When it comes to large paintings, that's why we offer you a large and distinctive drawing stand, which helps you enjoy your drawings and get amazing results as well.

product specification :

The wonderful stand is characterized by distinctive specifications that make it the best options at all, as it is characterized by the following:

   Made of solid wood.

  ♥ It consists of three sturdy and stable legs to hold various sizes of panels.


  ♥ It accommodates approximately 106 cm.

Product Features:

The drawing stand is one of the basics necessary for every painter, whether the painter depends on his oil drawings or drawn on paper, and for this we offer you a large drawing stand with great features, including:

  It was made of the finest and most luxurious types of wood, which means its hardness and strength, as well as less likely to break compared to other types.

  It is characterized by its stability during work, due to its shape and design, as this stand is equipped with three strong wooden legs that bear plates of different sizes and types.

 √ The stand helps in obtaining a perfect painting, due to its ability to tighten the panels from all sides, as it prevents them from sagging, and thus the painter can work with great smoothness.

  Easy to store and fold, which means that it only needs a small place to store it, but it can also be placed anywhere.

  The stand can be folded by means of the leather belt attached to it, as this belt is used to connect the three legs together.

  It is distinguished by its distinctive weight and size, and this makes the process of moving and transporting it an easy process that does not require effort, especially if you feel the desire to move it during work.

 √ The stand is suitable for very large paintings of different materials, whether these paintings are made of cloth or paper.

  The stand can be adapted to different sizes and weights of panels.

  Because it is easy to move and move, it can be used in separate places, as it is suitable for applying and drawing on it in the natural places outside the studio or it can be used inside the studio itself.

  The wooden color is the distinctive color of this stand.

the design :

✬ The wonderful stand is designed from strong and unbreakable wood, as well as with three legs that have a great ability for stability, whatever the size of the board.

Usage tips:

Any drawing product, regardless of its quality and material, needs to be dealt with in a certain way to ensure that you get the best results, so we advise you to do these things when you use the drawing stand, first place the stand on a flat, non-zigzag floor, in order to make sure that your work It will run easily and steadily, then choose the appropriate position for your board, for each type of board needs you to place the stand in a suitable position for it, the appropriate position for cloth boards is different from the appropriate stand for paper boards, the special angles for each board differ, so adjust the stand At the appropriate angle for the painting you are drawing, do not forget that the storage process plays an important role in maintaining the stand and its continuity for a long time, so avoid exposing the stand to moisture or water.

Product Type: Large Drawing Stand.

Manufacturer: The manufacturer of this popular brand is Fine Art.

Country of Origin: The country of origin and origin of the headquarters of the manufacturer of this brand is China.

Brand: Fine Art.

Customer reviews:

The stand is one of the most durable materials.

Holds large sized panels easily.

⋆ It can be moved very easily.

40.23 USD
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سهل استعماله و ما يحتاج تفكيك وتركيب و طوله ممتاز واقدر اتحكم فيه و يناسب الرسم على لوحات كانفس وكراسات يمديني اثبت الكراسات والوحات حبيته جدا بعد ?


اثير الفيصل

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