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lead drawing set

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Basic information about the lead and charcoal drawing set:

✬ We offer you a set of lead drawing of the finest materials, which helps in reaching the best desired result, as it puts you in front of a realistic painting with all its details.

Group Description:

✬ The Lead Box, intended for lead painters, contains all the tools a painter needs to produce a great painting.

product specification :

✬ The lead and charcoal drawing kit is provided by international companies that contains a complete set of tools that an artist needs to produce an impressive painting.

Box contents:

✬ The lead and charcoal drawing set contains the following:

  12 pencils in different shades so you can use the one that works best for you in every painting.

♥ It also consists of 6 pieces of black lead in different degrees, made of the finest types of drawing charcoal, as it is one of the oldest types of art.

♥ It also consists of 3 white charcoal pens for multiple uses in the painting.

That is because it comes with a sketchbook made of the best types of paper suitable for drawing with charcoal or lead and contains 20 sheets of A4 size - Kikuto brand.

Mixer used to combine 6 pieces of different sizes to fit.

This is in addition to an adhesive tape to help you produce a drawing with neat and accurate borders and helps you not to deviate from the drawing, which puts you in front of a complete set.

It also contains an eraser provided by Sakura Koi International.

the design :

✬ The drawing and pencil set comes with a very wonderful design to make it easier for you to use, as the distinctive design of the pencils that makes you control it when drawing with it easily and clearly, in addition to the finest types of black charcoal, as it dictates spaces in a very distinctive way and adds very special effects to the drawings that make it smooth and comes with 6 pieces Made of white charcoal, also of high quality, and the pencil and charcoal drawing set did not end there, but it also comes with a scrubber designed specifically to combine colors with each other and a very nice eraser to remove graphic errors.

Features :

✬ The lead and charcoal drawing set is characterized by its manufacture from the finest types of wood.

✬ The lead and charcoal group is also characterized as an integrated group that comes with black and white charcoal and pencils that help produce a very wonderful image.

✬ The set of pencils and charcoal is of high quality, which makes it reflected on the board in its results.

✬ Comes with pencils and charcoal, a sketch made of the finest paper, which adds purity to the drawing.

✬ Pencils and charcoal are also distinguished by the fact that they come with a scrub specially designed to merge colors with each other, and not only this, but also comes with an eraser to remove incoming errors.

✬ It is also distinguished in addition to all this by its special price, which makes it the first requirement to buy.

✬ The pencil and charcoal drawing set is the most appropriate choice, as you can take it anywhere without difficulty, where you can free your imagination on the beach or in front of a landscape to produce with these pens a vivid painting with all its details.

✬ Sakura has excelled and succeeded in providing the best types of pencils and charcoal made from the finest types of wood, which made it excel in its field, as it took care of all the details of the product to come out with this distinguished group.

✬ These types of pencils are suitable for many categories in terms of flexibility in use, as it has become a high rank among senior artists who use them, so they only had to come up with a very beautiful and creative painting.

Product Type : The Sakura Koi lead and charcoal drawing set helps both beginners and seasoned practitioners achieve the ultimate in purity and fluidity.

Manufacturer: Sakura Koi, Kikoto.

Brand: Kikoto, Sakura Koi.

country of origin : Japan .

32.13 USD
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اسماء علي

6 months ago

المجموعه جميله وتوفير بدل تاخذي كل قطعه لوحدها 🥺💙💙كل شي فيها جميل


عهد العنزي

1 year ago


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