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Lefranc Bourjois 12 Colors Oil Colors

14.85 USD

Lefranc Bourjois Oil Colors | LEFRANC BOURGEOIS OIL COLOR

12-color Lefranc Bourjois oil colors are a set of oil colors that contain different gradations of oil colors, and all painters prefer to use this type of color because it is characterized by ease and smoothness of drawing with it.

Basic information and specifications about the product

  • These colors are distinguished by their high quality oil colors.
  • Colors come in 12 different oil colors.
  • These colors are distinguished by adding luster and beauty to the painted painting.
  • Many artists prefer it to produce a very distinctive artwork.
  • It is characterized by its beautiful colors, each of which has a special beauty that gives the painting a professional artistic touch.
  • This product is characterized by its high quality and accuracy, which gives the painting great artistic details.
  • Oil colors are characterized by their thickness and high intensity.
  • Oil colors do not dry quickly, which gives the artist the opportunity to modify the drawings.

Usage tips:

  • It is preferable to use a special medium for oil colors to reduce their intensity and facilitate the process of merging the colors together.
  • The medium for oil colors helps the painter to distribute this type in an even manner on the paintings, which gives the painting an attractive and wonderful shape.
  • Painting painted with oil colors can be painted on several times.
  • Oil colors need thick and high density paper, as they are characterized by their high density.
  • The density of the medium must be compatible with the density of the oil colors so as not to affect the colors and change their shades.
  • If you want to get a medium of clove oil for oil colors, you can get it through the following link.

Available colors:

lemon yellow.

basic yellow.

basic red.


Basic blue.

Blue ultraviolet.

Light green.

Dark green.

orange .

Burnt brown.

Black ivory.

White titanium.

Product details

Product type: Oil colours.

number of colors: 12 different shades of oil.

color capacity: 10 ms.

color shape: Tubular shape.

trade mark : LeFrank Burgess.

Country of Origin: France.

14.85 USD
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