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Lefranc Bourjois Anti-UV Glossy Lacquer

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Lefranc Burgess UV resistant glossy varnish | VERNIS À TABLEAUX ANTI-UV SATINÉ

The varnish is a liquid medium from Lefranc Bourgeois that works to protect the paintings from ultraviolet rays, but it adds a satin color to the high-gloss paintings, which increases their beauty, and shows the beauty and clarity of the colors.

Basic information and specifications about the product

  • This product is used to protect paintings from dust and dirt, but it is water-resistant, so when it is distributed on the paintings after the completion of its drawing, it is not affected by water.
  • It is UV-resistant, so the panel will not fade or yellow over time.
  • Preserves the colors and purity of the paintings.
  • The varnish gives the paintings a wonderful luster of satin color, which increases the beauty of the painting.
  • This product gives the paintings a distinctive luster and luster, apart from the superior protection it provides to the boards.
  • This product is transparent and does not change the colors of the plates, it only makes them shiny.
  • After completing the painting, the painters resort to using this type of varnish and distributing it evenly on the painting to give it The luster that increases its beauty, but it protects the paintings from the sun's rays.
  • This product is to be used after the painting is completely finished and completely dry.

Product details

Product Type : liquid varnish.

Product color: transparent Yellowish.

Product Capacity: 75 ml.

Brand : Lefranc Bourgeois.

Final effect : glossy translucent.

Country of Manufacture: France.

9.45 USD
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