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Lefranc Bourjois Oil Colors - 20 ml

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Lefranc Bourjois Oil Colors | LEFRANC BOURGEOIS OIL COLOR

Lefranc Bourjois oil paints from Firas Shop are one of the best oil paints that can be used to get an impressive result, adults and children have loved and drawn with these colors for many years, and we always recommend them, this group is one of the main reasons for the success of your oil painting.

Oil colors often consist of particles of pigment suspended in dry oil, mostly flaxseed oil. Oil colors are dry and their viscosity can be modified by adding some solvents such as: turpentine, and ranch can be added to increase the gloss, and often takes a long time to dry.

number of colors:

The Lefranc Bourjois oil color set consists of 12 tubes, each tube has a different color, meaning the box contains 12 oil colors.

color capacity:

The capacity of one color is 20ml, and it is recommended for use in painting for beginners and advanced, it is enough with you for a long time, and the box comes with a selection of 12 different colors to choose from.

Product Features:

  • This set contains 12 high-quality, accurate oil colors in multiple shades.
  • Oil paints are popular for painting on glass, acrylic, or walls, and have been used for centuries before.

trade mark :

Lifranque Bourjois, a well-known brand that can only be obtained through FRAS SHOP, the main supporter of all artists.

Country of Manufacture:

France, is the main source of the Lefranc-Burgess brand, where beauty, sophistication and simplicity are in choice.

31.05 USD
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