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Lefranc Bourjois petroleum jelly tool cleaner

lefranc bourgeois

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Product Description :-

A petroleum-based liquid that thins oils and media and can be used to clean paint sticks from paint.

Its uses:-

This liquid is primarily used as a medium from Lefranc Bourjois that works to dilute oil colors and reduce the density of high oils, but it is used to get rid of impurities stuck in drawing tools and to clean them.

Basic information and specifications about the product

  • This fluid is fast drying, giving the panels a neutral effect.
  • This product, when distributed on the plates, has an evaporation process that does not affect them, but rather protects them from any external factors and influences.
  • The first and primary function of this product is to dilute the high density of both media and oils in order to facilitate its application.
  • It is used to clean drawing tools completely from any impurities of colors stuck to them.
  • This product is odorless and does not cause any inconvenience to its users.
  • Petroleum liquid has a tremendous ability to dehydrate in a quick manner.
  • The petroleum liquid is characterized by its high quality, which makes it not affecting the colors of oils and media, as it maintains the stability of colors.
  • It is recommended to wipe the drawing tools well with a piece of cloth before cleaning them with this petroleum jelly.
  • To protect the drawing tools from wear and tear, it is recommended to clean the tools used in drawing after they are finished.

Product details

✬ Product type: Petroleum liquid.

✬ Product color: transparent.

✬ Product capacity: 75ml .

✬ Brand: Lefranc Bourgeois| LEFRANC BOURGEOIS.

✬ Country of Origin: France.

8.10 USD
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