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Lefranc Bourjois spray lacquer

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Lefranc Bourjois Gloss UV Spray Lacquer | ANTI-UV SATIN AEROSOL PAINTING VARNISH

Artists use Lefranc Bourjois spray lacquer in painting paintings, as it gives the painting a satin effect that is distinguished by its wonderful gloss, in addition to its resistance to ultraviolet rays, which helps to preserve the shape and colors of the paintings.

Product Features:

This sprayer is one of the necessary tools for any artist as it preserves the paintings, and gives them an eye-catching look, and this product has many advantages, including:

  • Protects panels from exposure to dirt, water and dust.
  • It protects the paintings from yellowing and fading as it is a varnish that resists ultraviolet rays that cause discoloration of the paintings.
  • After the artist finishes painting the painting completely and using this varnish, this increases the gloss and luster of the painting.

Product details:

type :

Liquid varnish, so it is easy to use.

The effect of the final product on the paintings :

Makes the panels look transparent and glossy.

Product Capacity :

Contains 400 ml.

Brand :

Lefranc Burgess is one of the most famous international brands that many artists prefer to use.

Country of Manufacture:

  France .

16.20 USD
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