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Lefranc Burgess Professional Combination Knives

29.70 USD

Lefranc Burgess Professional Combination Knives | painting knives LEFRANC BOURGEOIS

Lefranc Burgess Professional Combination Knives It is a set of knives for blending and coloring with a stainless steel head and a high quality wooden handle. Its primary use is the process of merging colors homogeneously with each other, in addition to helping in the coloring process.

Basic information about combination knives

  • The knives for merging and painting from Lefranc Bourjois are the best types of knives for merging and painting .
  • Easy to use and has a light weight.
  • Knives are made of high quality materials, which is why painters rely on them for many of their artwork.
  • The knife head is made of steel and this makes it good resistance to external factors, so it is not exposed to rust.
  • The handle of the knives is made of wood of high quality and hardness.
  • Knives are used in the process of merging colors, and help artists distribute colors on the paintings evenly, and help in coloring the paintings.
  • This type of knives is one of the best types of knives that are used for drawing and color mixing.
  • The knives are designed with a curved shape from the handle area to help the painter in the knife control process.
  • The painters help create many sharp lines, several layers on top of each other, characterized by their thick paint, so the painting appears with a wonderful and attractive view that draws attention to its beauty.
  • Knife set from Lefranc Bourjois contains different sizes of knives, which help in multiple and different processes of drawing .

Combination knives details:

Product type: Professional coloring and blending knives .

The number of pieces of the set: 6 pieces of different sizes.

Knife sizes:  

21 cm - 16 cm - 10 cm - 5 cm - 4 cm - 1 cm

trade mark : LeFrank Burgess .

country of origin : France .

29.70 USD
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