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Lefranque Bourjois acrylic paint 200ml

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Acrylic colors from Lefranc Bourjois | Lefranc Bourgeois Acrylic Color

Product Description :

A set of acrylic colors from Lefranc Bourjois, one bottle of 200 ml, in various shades, between dark and light.


Color features:

  • Acrylic colors The package is sold separately and the capacity of one color is 200 ml and it is not necessary to buy all the colors.
  • These colors are distinguished by their fluidity, ease of extension and integration on the palette, and they are one of the most professional colors.
  • Available in several suitable colors that give you creativity and brilliance in artistic paintings.
  • It is considered the first choice of professional painters to draw wonderful paintings.
  • Easy to use even for beginners.
  • Economical in price for its high quality.
  • Each shade has its own number and this makes it easy to purchase the color in case the same shade is needed.
  • Available in different shades of yellow, green, red, black, brown and all colors.
  • Acrylic paints from Lefranc Bourjois, which are available in more than 28 different colors.
  • It is not necessary to buy all the colors, but just buy a set of colors and mix them to get additional colors that are easy to use.
  • This type of acrylic color is suitable for Strathmore Gray A4 Paper Notebook, as it gives the user the effect of realism and scenic landscapes.
  • This quality is distinguished from other colors by its softness and wonderful effect on paintings.
  • Solid colors once they are on the drawing papers.
  • It can not be affected by factors and weather changes and does not yellow over time.

Tips when using acrylic colors for artists and painters

We recommend the necessity of having a palette or a color base to mix the colors with and a brush to use in coloring on paintings or sketchbooks, and this is because this quality is bought by users and customers in one.

Product details:

  • Product type: Acrylic paint in a plastic container capable of preserving color.


  • Color capacity: 200ml bottle.


  • Brand: Lefranc Bourgeois.


  • Country of Manufacture: France.
9.72 USD
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