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Linseed oil medium

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Shinhan Art Linseed Oil | linseed oil for professional artist oil color

There are many colors that the artist uses in the painting process, which certainly have a great density and thickness, especially if these colors are oil colors in particular, the painter will need a medium to reduce their thickness and sharpness, so we offer them one of the best types of oils used to reduce oil colors, which is Linseed oil .

Description of the oil medium:

It is a medium of linseed oil intended for diluting oil colors, used with oil colors to reduce the intensity of the color and prolong the drying process of the colors, as it facilitates the process of merging between layers and increasing their flow. It gives the oil painting a distinctive coloration and gives a brighter luster.

Basic product information:

Broker linseed oil to relieve oily colors enjoy a number of specifications that make it the first choice for professional painter, and enjoy the product thus:

✬ Intended for oil colours.

✬ Product colour: The linseed oil medium has a translucent white colour.

✬ Product size: Pack size 55 ml.

How to use :

Made from linseed, this oil is especially used to control the thickness and thinning of oil colours.

Product Features:

This oil for oil colors has a number of luxurious features, and these features are as follows:

This oil paint thinner is designed with a clear white bottle which is mainly used for thinning oil paints.

Helps dilute oil colors, especially as it is characterized by its large thickness.

Dilution helps make the colors shiny and have a great luster.

Helps make the drying process of the colors more slow.

√ It helps to merge layers together more smoothly.

Gives a special shine to the painting, which increases its beauty.

Made of materials that are safe to use.

A small amount of it is enough to dilute the colors and make them moderate.

Its size is large enough for a very long time.

Reduces the drying process of the colors, giving an opportunity for the colors to blend with each other.

√ It does not cause any side effects.

Product Type : Linseed oil.

trade mark : The international brand Shinhan Art is the one that manufactured this oil used with oil colors.

Country of Origin: South Korea is the country of manufacture and the birthplace of the manufacturer of this famous brand.

4.05 USD

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