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Madisi acrylic colors 12 colors

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Medici acrylic paints | madisi acrylic color

Product Contents:

A set of 12 colors acrylic paints with a capacity of 12 ml from the very famous brand Madisi.

the number of pieces :

The acrylic set from Madisi is distinguished by 12 distinctive and assorted colors.

the color :

The acrylic group is characterized by a varied and different number of colors that the painter uses according to the need of the painting.

Product Description :

The painter looks for the best colors used in drawing, but he always looks for the best, which will make his painting more beautiful, so they prefer to use acrylic colors, because they are easy to use and highly efficient.

Product information and specifications:

Our acrylic product has a number of special specifications, which are as follows:

✬ Number of colors: The acrylic set consists of 12 colors.

✬ Color Capacity: The color capacity is 12ml.

✬ Brand: Medici.

✬ Country of Manufacture: China.

the design :

These colors are designed with a number of assorted colors of up to 12 colors, with a large capacity and greater diversity of colors, to open the way for illustrators to create endless colors.

How to use :

These colors are used with all types of brushes as well as all types of paper and are easy to combine.

Product Features:

The acrylic colors from Madisi have an infinite number of advantages that a painter must have, which are represented in the following:

✬ Medici colors have a high color intensity so they are an excellent choice for high coverage, easy to apply and blend.

Acrylic colors are very distinctive colors, which are frequently used in painting, especially with heavy canvases, as these colors fit with them perfectly.

Acrylic colors are clear, and thus help to highlight the beauty of the painting and the splendor of its details.

Its components are heavy and not light, and thus hold in place, while retaining their shape and thus the board appears in the desired shape.

The color box in this product comes with 12 colors, including the primary colors and some secondary colors, so the painter is able to get the degrees he needs in the drawing.

It is perfectly suitable for people who may have one of the types of sensitivity related to smell, because it does not cause any smell.

Any type of brush can be used with it.

Product Type :

Madisi acrylic colors 12 colors.

trade mark :

The brand that manufactured these designer paint colors is Madisi.

country of origin :

The mother country and origin of the manufacturer of this brand is China.

7.29 USD
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