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Madisi acrylic colors 24 colors

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Medici acrylic paints | madisi acrylic color

Product Type :

Madisi acrylic colors 24 colors.

Product Description :

Madisi acrylic colors are of high quality and efficiency in coloring paintings, they give them excellent quality, especially as they suit all types of paper, so we offer you a set of acrylic colors consisting of 24 different colors with a capacity of 12 ml.

Information and specifications about Madisi acrylic paints:

This distinguished group of acrylic colors has special specifications, as follows:

✶ Number of colors: 24 colors.

✶ Color capacity: 12ml.

✶ Brand: Medici.

✶ Country of Manufacture: China.

the number of pieces :

Acrylic color set consists of 24 colors of different and varied colors.

the design :

These colors are designed to match all different types of paper.

Product Features:

Acrylic colors are one of the most prominent types used in painting, as they are characterized by:

✶ Easy to use and integrate.

It can be used with many types of brushes.

✶ It helps to highlight the beauty of the painting, define its features, and clarify it.

✶ Medici colors are characterized by their color intensity, so they are an excellent choice for high coverage.

✶ These colors are characterized by complete clarity, and this is what distinguishes them from other types of colors.

The box comes in 24 different colors.

✶ Saves you many color combinations.

✶ It can be used with different materials of panels, but it is preferable to use it with more canvases.

colors featuring acrylic Bthbadtha.

✶ Acrylic colors are characterized by the weight of their components.

✶ It does not cause any smell and therefore the person is not harmed by it, especially people who are sensitive to smells.

How to use :

These colors are used to color the paintings to give them a special luster and luster and are used by brushes where they can be combined with each other to create another secondary color.

trade mark :


country of origin :

China .

15.66 USD
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