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Mary's Acrylic Brush Bag

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Mary's Acrylic Brush Bag

If you are looking for the best acrylic brushes for acrylic painters, here is one of the most sought-after brushes ever for its high quality and wonderful material, as well as its special bristles that will help in creating an excellent aesthetic painting.

Product Description :

It is a set of brushes of different shapes and sizes; Small, large, flat, and pointed. This set will help you to draw large areas and fine details, with an elegant bag that helps you to save brushes and ease of transportation, dedicated to acrylic colors distinguished by its soft and wonderful bristles.

the number of pieces : 10 pieces of different sizes and sizes.

Product color: This set of acrylic paints has black handles and ends with elegant soft orange bristles for lighter, thicker, more intense acrylic colors.

Basic product information and specifications:

The product of the acrylic brushes bag from Marys has its own set of specifications that distinguish it, and these specifications are as follows:

✬ The brush bag consists of 10 brushes of different sizes and sizes.

✬ Brand Mary's.

✬ Its bristles are soft.

✬ Suitable for acrylic colors.

the design :

These brushes are designed in a large range of different sizes and tapered sizes, including large and small, and are designed with soft and thin bristles for drawing various details of the painting, and their color is glamorous black, and they are designed to match mainly with acrylic colors.

How to use :

These brushes are used for acrylic paintings, due to their soft bristles that match their low density.

Product Features:

This set of brushes has an infinite number of features, which are represented in the following:

✬ It consists of 10 pieces of different sizes and sizes.

✬ Both fine and large details can be drawn.

✬ It consists of soft bristles that match with light acrylic colors.

✬ The brushes come with their own bag to keep them, which is suitable for travel and travel situations.

✬ Each brush can be drawn and used individually according to the dimensions.

✬ It can be a great gift for painting lovers.

Product Type : Acrylic brush bag from Marys.

trade mark : Marys.

country of origin : China.

14.85 USD
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زهور الحربي

11 months ago

جودة الفرش رائعة 💯... اعجبت بتصميمها ولونها الأسود 👍... تفاجأت بالحقيبة جداً جميلة وفخمة لحفظ الفرش 💕


ناصر عبدالله

11 months ago



Anfal Alzahrani

1 year ago

ما جربتها الصراحه بس الفرش ناعمه وحلوه خامتها ، احجام الفرش مناسبه ونفس الصور👌🏻

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