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Mary's Oil Brush Bag

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Mary's Oil Brush Bag

Product Description :

Are you looking for high quality brushes for art paintings, especially for oil painting owners, we offer you one of the best oil painting brushes, which will make your paintings a part of reality.

A set of 10pcs brushes in different shapes and sizes; Small, large, flat, and pointed. This set will help you paint large areas and fine details, with a stylish bag that helps you to keep brushes and easy to carry around, dedicated to oil colors.

Product Contents:

Our product contains a bag that includes a large number of oil paint brushes for oil painting.

the number of pieces :

The product contains a bag consisting of a number of oil paint brushes, which are up to 10 pieces of different sizes and sizes.

Product color:

Mary's Paintbrushes feature blue handles that are lettered in a gorgeous silver tone with soft bristles depending on the shape and size of the brush.

Basic product information and specifications:

This bag of oil brushes has a number of special features, which are as follows:

✬ The bag consists of 10 brushes of different sizes and sizes.

The bristles of the brushes are coarse.

✬ Brand Mary's.

✬ Dedicated to oil painting.

✬ The color of its handle is blue.

the design :

This bag filled with brushes is designed from a number of brushes of up to 10 pieces of different sizes and sizes, whether large, thin or tapered, which have a blue color and coarse bristles.

Product Features:

The set of oil brushes has a number of advantages, which are as follows:

✬ These colors are for premium oil painters and for oil painters to paint fine details.

✬ These brushes are used to draw all the small and minute details, as well as large areas of different art paintings.

✬ It has coarse bristles to withstand the weight and intensity of oil colors and its great thickness.

✬ Brushes come in different sizes, large, tapered, etc., each of which is used to paint specific details of the painting.

✬ The brushes are designed with blue handles of high quality material that is durable.

✬ Easy to use, thus easy to control smoothly.

✬ The brushes come with a stylish bag to keep the brushes from getting lost, which also makes the process of moving and traveling much easier.

✬ Can be used as an excellent gift for painters.

✬ Their prices are not exorbitant compared to the products in the market.

How to use :

These brushes for painting are used according to their sizes to draw the dimensions of the painting as needed, and it is also used specifically with oil colors that have a great density and thickness.

Product Type :

Mary's Oil Brush Bag.

trade mark :


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14.85 USD
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