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medium drawing stand

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Medium fee stand product information

Durable wood stand to hold the drawing boards of professional painters.

Product Description:

Although the beauty and splendor of the drawings depends primarily on the artist’s talent and accuracy, the tools play an important role in supporting the talent and presenting it in a wonderful way, and when we talk about the most important tools that artists who prefer painting with oil colors or painting on canvas in general, may need, We must mention that these people will definitely need a stand that will help them support their paintings and present them in a wonderful way. It is known that the stand greatly facilitates the process of drawing on the board, and for this we offer you today a medium-sized drawing stand, to help you produce your creativity in a distinctive way.

product specification :

✬ The wonderful stand is characterized by distinct specifications, which every painter will undoubtedly choose to carry his paintings because it is safer for their paintings, as it is characterized by the following:

   Made of high quality and unbreakable wood.

   Made with three legs to control its stability.

  ♥ It can hold a large size board quite firmly.

  ♥ It can be easily moved and moved from one place to another.

  ♥ It accommodates approximately 105 cm.

Product Features:

Certainly, when you are looking for a distinctive stand that helps you in your work and achieve your drawings very quickly and accurately, you are looking for this stand out in its medium size, this stand is characterized by:

  Made of wood, which means it is hard and strong and not easily broken.

  The stand comes with three legs, which keeps the stand in place while working.

 √ The stand helps in stretching the board while drawing, thus drawing perfectly.

 √ The stand can be folded and stored easily, thus it does not take up much space in storage.

  The stand comes with a leather strap that helps attach the legs of the stand after the drawing is finished, and therefore it can be placed anywhere.

  The stand comes in a suitable size and weight, and therefore easy to move, whether during work or when storing.

  The stand can be used with both canvas and paper.

  The stand can be adjusted according to the size and weight of the plate to get great results.

  The stand can be used anywhere, whether inside the drawing studio or outside in the middle of nature.

  The stand is distinguished by its wonderful wooden color.

number of components:

This product consists of one piece, which is a sturdy wood stand made with three stable legs.

the design :

✬ This stand, made of strong and durable wood, is designed to hold its large board steadily without being broken in any way, and it is designed with three completely stable legs.

Usage tips:

✬ In order to get the best paintings, you will have to adhere to a number of instructions and tips. First, you will have to adjust the position of the stand to suit your painting. Canvas paintings are different from paper, so the appropriate position for each is different. Do not forget to select the appropriate angle for each work and drawing, for each artwork needs A certain angle, draw on a straight and stable ground to ensure the stability of the stand in place, store the stand in places away from moisture and water, so that the wood of the stand is not exposed to damage.

Product type: medium drawing stand.

Manufacturer: Fine Art is the main company of this brand.

Country of Origin: The mother country and manufacturer of this well-known brand is China.

Brand: Fine Art.

Customer reviews:

Strong and completely stable stand.

⋆ It can be moved easily.

⋆ Holds large plates.

31.05 USD
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