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Micron colored pens brush 8 pens

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product specification :

Our unique pens from Micron are characterized by unique specifications that make them the best among the drawing tools on the market, due to their enormous ability to draw and highlight the details of the painting accurately, as they are characterized by the following:

√ The colors are varied and bright.

Many colors can be used in different paintings.

Excellent material, long life.

Can be easily colored and erased.

the design :

✬ Micron colored pencils set are designed as fine pens, to come in the end with a fine brush tip, to facilitate the process of drawing and in multiple colors, including:









Product Information on Micron Colored Brush Pens 8 Pens

✬ Micron International Colored Pens with a brush, which consists of 8 distinct pens, each with its own distinctive color, which gives the paintings an attractive drawing.

All artists are looking for the best types of different drawing tools to get the best results, as many artists and painters compete with each other to produce distinguished paintings, so they always seek to obtain high-quality materials and tools, if you are looking for the best, you are now in front of the best types Distinctive drawing pens, they are Micron colored pens with a brush, which consist of a number of wonderful and varied colors to give your painting a special attraction and reflect your inner talent.

Features :

These unique colors have an unlimited number of superior features that will help you to do your drawings well and more professionally without a doubt, as the Micron colored pens with a brush have the following features:

♥ The colors are varied and different.

Being made with a fine brush makes it easy to use and very precise in drawing and shading.

♥ It consists of 8 brushes in luscious colors.

♥ It is characterized by its ideal prices compared to its high quality.

Very easy to use for both beginners and professionals.

♥ It can be used on all different types of paper.

Can be colored over.

♥ It is easy to erase in case something inadvertently goes wrong while drawing.

number of components:

The Micron Colored Set consists of 8 pens in different colors that are adorable and luscious with a fine brush tip for drawing bright and charming paintings.

Usage tips:

Preferably use it very precisely for paintings full of charming details, also preferably use it on a good type of paper for best possible result, you can paint over it and erase it easily with the correct tools responsible for it.

Product type: pens and supplies for drawing.

Manufacturer: Sakura is the manufacturer and home of this world-class brand of drawing boards, used by the world's greatest professional painters.

Country of Origin: The country of manufacture and the origin of this famous brand and the headquarters of the manufacturer of this brand is Japan, and this brand has various branches all over the world.

Brand: Sakura.

Customer reviews:

The colors of micron pens are very bright and can be easily combined.

Can be used on all types of paper, making it the best among other pens.

Gives the same quality and efficiency on all different types of paper.

⋆ They can be painted over and erased with the best possible result.

10.80 USD
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دلال حمد

10 months ago

ااااا الاقلام هاذي هي حياتي جد


لين الظاهري

10 months ago

حلوه في الرسمات اللي فيها مساحات ضيقه


sumiah saleh

11 months ago

حبيته مررره تصلح لتحديد المواضيع وللتلوين الخفيف و اعجبن الالوان الموجوده 😍😍


غدي خالد

1 year ago



صالح عبدالرحمن

1 year ago


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