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Micron ink pens 6 pens

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Information about micron pens for inking

✬ Micron black ink pens are considered one of the best pens that are used in the field of drawing and coloring, whether it is architectural drawing, technical drawing or sketching, due to its ability to identify drawings and highlight them in a distinctive way. Micron pens can be colored and erased over them due to their constant ink. .

Product Description : 

✬ Inking pens are one of the most important tools that painters and engineers use to highlight their work, as well as provide an accurate description of their paintings, so they are always keen to choose high quality pens, which help highlight the professional aspect of their work, as the minute details are the most important characteristic of artistic and architectural works Therefore, their first choice is Micron pens for inking, due to their great fame and high quality, which has characterized them over a number of decades, making them sit on the throne of this type of pens.








product specification : 

✬ As we mentioned, Micron pens are one of the most important and finest types of inking pens, which are used in defining and shading technical and architectural drawings, due to their high and unique specifications, as they are characterized by the following:

Micron pens are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

 This product comes with 6 pens that vary in size.

 One of the most famous and oldest international brands.

 Its price is special compared to the quality it offers, which makes it different from other pens.

Features : 

Micron ink pens are characterized by a number of features and characteristics that make them unique and distinguished in shading and defining drawings. Enjoy the accuracy and get the best results and drawings. This type of pens is characterized by the following:

✬ It has different sizes and sizes, so it can be used to draw all kinds and sizes of pictures with different details.

✬ It is also characterized by its ease of use, due to its smooth flow and movement on the leaves.

✬ Can be used with all types of papers and materials used in drawing.

✬ Micron pens are black pens distinguished by their stable ink.

✬ You can color and wipe over it.

✬ Paintings can be redefined and colored even after using this type of pens, which helps to preserve the beauty and appearance of the painting.

✬ It can be used for more than one purpose, whether in inking, shading or drawing.

✬ In addition, these pens come with a distinctive design, as they are distinguished by their fine age, and they vary in sizes, which makes it easier for the painter to choose the appropriate pen for his work.

Usage tips:

In order to get the best results and drawings, you will have to choose the appropriate size for each part of your work, as the accuracy in choosing sizes and tools is the most important thing that highlights the artist’s work, so we advise you to choose the appropriate size and size accurately, and we also advise you to use these pens on high quality materials to show your work perfectly.

Product Type : Micron ink pens 6 pens.

 Manufacturer: Sakura.

Country of Origin: Japan is the mother country and headquarters of this famous brand, and it has various branches around the world that are interested in manufacturing this special type of inking pens.

Brand: Sakura.

Customer reviews:

⋆ One of the finest types of pens used for inking.

⋆ Its ink is completely stable and strong.

⋆ It can be used easily and on all types of papers.

⋆ It can be used in drawing to produce accurate artistic drawings.

It is characterized by its stable black color and is very accurate in defining and shading.

6.75 USD
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ماريه السلامة

11 months ago

أقلام رائعه ودرجة السواد ممتازه ومناسبه لأغلب الأسطح


sumiah saleh

1 year ago

الاقلام مرة جميله واذا حبرت الرسمه ما يملي الحبر واذا لونت بالالوان المائيه ما يطلع الحبر إن شاء الله فهمتوا علي 😅 بس جد ما استغني عنه ابداً 💕


منار سعيد

1 year ago



أميره الحربي

1 year ago



فاطمه ابراهيم

1 year ago

مرا يجنن 😍

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