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mont mart watercolor 12 colors

24.30 USD

Montmart Watercolor Set 12 Colors | mont marte watercolor paint

Color type:

Montmart watercolor 12 colors.

Product Size:

8 ml.

the number of pieces :

The watercolor set consists of a number of different colours, up to 12 colours.

Product introduction:

The painter is always looking for the best materials used in drawing to produce the best paintings in a more professional manner, so he always prefers to use watercolors, and this is because it is one of the best colors used in drawing in general because of its special features preferred by the most famous artists in the world, so we offer Montmart watercolor set offers you a unique and unique set for drawing paintings in an accurate and more professional manner. This color set is a good choice for a watercolor painter, whether he is an experienced or a beginner, and its color pigment is high and it has great transparency. Hurry up to buy now.

Specifications and basic information about colors:

The set of colors for painting from Mont Mart has a number of its own specifications, as it will certainly be the painter's choice, as it has the following specifications:

✬ It has 12 distinct water colors.

✬ One package size is 8ml.

✬ Montmart watercolors feature high quality materials.

Product Features:

This group is characterized by a sufficient number of its own wonderful features, which distinguish it from the rest of the other types, and these features are as follows:

✬ They are the favorite colors of professional painters.

✬ A very easy-to-use color, it suits both experienced and novice painters.

✬ It consists of a large number of colors that can be combined or used alone.

✬ Can be used with any type of paper.

✬ Do not dry quickly.

✬ Its quality is high.

✬ Do not leave traces of deformation of the panel.

✬ It is possible to draw fine details of the painting.

How to use :

These watercolors are used in painting alone or by combining them with each other to create other secondary colors, and this is done by means of a dedicated brush, so watercolors can be used to draw very fine details in paintings.

the manufacture company :  

The manufacturer and the basis for the manufacture of this large brand is Montmart.

trade mark :  

Mont Mart.

country of origin :

  France is the mother country and the manufacturing country of this world-famous brand.

24.30 USD
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