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mont mart watercolor 24 colors

43.20 USD

Montmart Watercolor Set 24 Colors | mont marte watercolor paint

Color type: Montmart watercolor 24 colors.

color size: 8 ml.

Number of Colors: This water set from Montmart consists of 24 different watercolor tubes.

Product introduction:

This color set is a good choice for a watercolor painter, whether he is an experienced or a beginner, and it is one of the most requested colors by professional and novice painters for its ease of use and its rawness that is unmatched by any other type, as it helps to highlight the paintings in clear colors and does not cause spots that distort the beauty of the paintings and the painter's talents Therefore, we offer you watercolors of 24 different colors that help you in producing perfect and aesthetic paintings. You can get them from our special website quite easily.

Specifications and basic information about colors:

This water collection from Mont Mart, which is very famous for its very distinctive colors, has an infinite number of unique features, which are represented in the following:

✬ It consists of a large number of colors up to 24 colors.

✬ High quality watercolor.

✬ Product volume is large up to 8ml.

Color features:

Mont Mart watercolors have many countless advantages that make them the best and choice for professional painters, due to their special advantages, which are represented in the following:

✬ It has many colors, up to 24 different colors.

✬ Dye colors are stable and strong.

✬ Its colors are high quality.

✬ They can be easily combined with each other.

✬ It doesn't dry quickly, which helps with the blending process.

✬ These colors are completely transparent.

✬ Suitable for beginners and talented people alike.

✬ Its price is not expensive compared to its luxurious material.

✬ Suitable for different types of papers.

✬ Does not stain panels.

the design :

  These colors are designed with a variety of colors up to 24 different colors that can be used in all the small and subtle details of the paintings, and they are designed to suit different types of paper intended for drawing.

How to use :

These colors are used on their own or can be combined with each other to create another secondary color that can be used in painting.

trade mark :

  Mont Mart.

the manufacture company :  

The manufacturer of this well-known brand is Montmart.

country of origin :   


43.20 USD
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