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mont mart watercolor 36 colors

58.05 USD

Montmart Watercolor Set 36 Colors | mont marte watercolor paint

This color kit is a good choice for a novice or experienced watercolor painter, its high chromaticity and great transparency.

Color type: Montmart watercolor.

Product size: The size of one pack is up to 8 ml.

Number of pieces: The number of this set of watercolors consists of 36 different tubular watercolors.

Product introduction:

The artist is always looking for the best colors for painting, especially those that have a high quality material and enough transparency to produce a distinctive painting. He is also looking for colors that give strong pigments that highlight the painting and its small details, so we offer you a group of watercolors that are very distinctive, easy to use and multicolored, It is a set of watercolors from Montmart International, consisting of 36 distinctive colors.

Color specifications:

Mont Mart watercolors have several distinctive features, which are considered one of the best colors preferred by painters, and these specifications are as follows:

✬ High quality colours.

✬ Watercolors consist of 36 different colors.

✬ It has a volume of 8 ml.

Features of Montmart Watercolors:

The set of 36 watercolor paints has a number of features that are ideally suited to experienced painters and beginners alike. These features are as follows:

✬ One of the most easy colors to use by beginners.

✬ There are many and varied colors that can be used to draw various paintings.

✬ Suitable for many kinds of drawing paper.

✬ The right size is enough for enough time.

✬ Its pigmented colors have a very high quality that helps to produce a professional palette.

✬ It has great transparency.

✬ Do not leave traces on the paper or stains, deforming the plate.

the design :

These colors are designed with a number of colors of up to 36 watercolors suitable for beginners and experienced, and they are designed in a suitable size to last a period of time.

How to use :

These colors are used with a paintbrush. They are easy to use tube watercolors, and they can be easily combined to paint small details in the painting.

Manufacturer: The manufacturer of this large brand is Montmart.

Brand: Montmart.

Country of Origin: France.

58.05 USD
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