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oil painting set

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product specification :

This 40-piece set is ideal for oil painters, consisting of tools that will help you produce a complete painting. It contains two assorted brushes sets; Small, big, soft, and super soft. In addition to knives of different sizes that give a wonderful effect on the board. It also has a range of oil colors in base and sub tones and you can mix the colors on the mixing wooden palette to get additional shades. In addition to a drawing book with a thickness suitable for oil colors. And finally, a 10x10 canvas with stand.

Product type: Oil painting set is a set of colors and tools used for oil painting and is designed to teach beginners and adults to oil painting in order to bring out their artistic creativity.


A drawing book with a thickness suitable for oil colors.

Two sets of assorted 8 brushes.

5 combination knives.

Small canvas board.

Pallet dedicated to merging.

A set of 24 oil colors.

the design :

  The oil painting set is designed to suit all beginners and adults as well, as it contains two different sets of brushes, which are brushes of different sizes, including large and medium brushes, soft brushes and ultra-soft brushes. Of cheerful oil colors, in addition to a sketchbook for oil colors, and also a 10*10 drawing board with an easel, with a rectangular wooden board to combine colors on it.

Features :

The oil painting set with different and attractive pictures is designed for art and painting lovers.

The oil painting set contains colors to suit many ages, young and old, as well as painting beginners.

The set's colors have great holding power on papers and are long lasting.

The colors of the oil painting set are fully visible on the papers after drawing and coloring.

The colors retain their consistency when placed in different lighting and give you a special appeal.

The colors dry easily and simply when exposed to air.

High tinting power in color palette.

The oil painting kit helps painting beginners learn professional painting quickly.

♥ It is characterized by its color brushes, they are of high softness, the hairs in the brushes are natural when coloring with them and do not fall on the paper.

The set contains a wooden blending palette, which is a medium size suitable for blending a number of colors.

The oil painting set contains a set of knives of different sizes that help with painting and color mixing.

♥ The notebook in the set is sturdy and has color-blocking papers.

The set includes a small canvas to experiment with, a canvas.

The Phoenix company has developed its products, where it has made many multi-colors with wonderful and stable textures, in addition to the attractiveness of the distinctive group of colors, these colors work to suffice the needs of painters old and young and can be used by lovers of drawing and beginners, the company has used these colors On all types of plates, whether fabrics or paper plates, and can be used on white papers as well.

Usage tips:

Use a sponge to moisten the palette and prevent it from drying out because oil paints dry quickly.

We recommend painting on natural light to control appropriate color hues.

√ It is better to clean the paint brushes immediately after coloring, so that the paints do not dry out and cause damage.

The knife can be used to paint on the canvas or used to create wide areas of color.

The oil painting kit is designed without harmful substances to be safe for both adults and children.

√ It is better to take care of babies than to use the kit.

The colors in this group have received a large number of approved certifications.

√ It can be easily carried and used while you are traveling or to go for a picnic with the family and use it with ease.

29.70 USD 42.12 USD
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