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Oil pastel colors 12 colors


1.62 USD

Potato Pastel Colors | POTATO CAT OIL PASTEL


Product Description :   

A set of oil pastels from the Potato Cat brand, which is distinguished by its intensity of color and ease of use. It comes in a box containing 12 distinctive colors.


Product Features:  


  • The Potato Cat Color Pack comes in a sturdy metal that can't be easily broken.
  • The box contains 12 professional colors that can be mixed together.
  • Easy to use especially for beginners and kids.
  • Their intense colors give the paintings a beautiful and attractive appearance, as if you are inside a vibrant landscape.
  • The oil pastel colors are also water resistant.
  • Colors make artists highly creative.
  • Can be used with Canson Brown Paper Notebook Dedicated to painting in oil pastel colors .
  • Strathmore A4 oil pastel colors are used with sketchbook Where wood and pastel colors can be used on her paper.
  • This type of color does not contain any toxic or dangerous substances for children.
  • So it is suitable for children but from the age group of 10 years and above.
  • It makes a valuable gift for connoisseurs and professional artists, even beginners can use it with ease.
  • These colors are best for Japanese manga artists.
  • A larger box of this type of potato pastel paints, containing 24 different colors, appeared.
  • The colors are of high quality in the manufacture which all users have witnessed.


Product details:  


  • Number of colors: A box containing 12 colors.

  • Pastel type: Oil pastel colors with a soft texture.

  • Brand: Potato Cat.

  • Country of Manufacture: Italy
1.62 USD
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