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Pan pastel colors gray shades - 7 colors

64.80 USD

Pan pastel colors in grayscale | panpastel gray scale

Product Description :-

The high quality Pan Pastel color palette contains grayscales from white to black, to give a wonderful artistic touch to your work and accurate colors that are clear and natural.

Product Features :-

  • The grayscale pan pastel colors are easy to use for all categories. They are suitable for professionals and beginners, as they are ideal for children who prefer coloring.
  • The colors of the pan pastel are characterized by their softness, so they are easy to spread and spread.
  • The Pan Pastel collection is distinguished by its intense, rich and clear shades of gray.
  • The colors can also be easily applied to the paper by using the pan pastel knives or the sponge included with the kit.
  • The colors feature 7 shades of gray giving you the opportunity to control the colors in your artwork with precision and craftsmanship that suits your great talent.
  • Two or more shades of gray can be combined to form various other shades.
  • Pan Pastel is one of the most famous brands in the world of specialty colors, recommended by many artists and color experts.

Color accessories :

  • Pan pastel shades of gray come with a round-headed knife and two lids.
  • It also comes with two sponges for blending or coloring.

Number of colors :- 7 colors of Pan pastel colors .

Brand :-   Pan Pastel.

Country of Manufacture :- America.

64.80 USD
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