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Pan Pastel Landscape Colors - 20 Colors

162 USD

Pan pastel colors Landscape hues | panpastel artist pastel landscape

Product Description:

Pastel colors from Pan Pastel in multiple and rich shades, containing 20 shades, two palettes with 10 different heads, three blending sponges and three small brushes.

Product Features:

This multi-tone set, color-preserved in round containers, protects the colors and keeps them clean and is easy to carry and store. In addition to drawing brushes and accessories, Pan pastel colors are distinguished by their high chromaticity, saturation of shades, and smooth stretching and distribution.

Product details:

  • Number of colors: 20 colors.
  • Two combined knives with 10 heads.
  • Three sponges.
  • Three small brushes.

162 USD
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