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Phoenix Oil Colors 12 Colors

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Phoenix Oil Colors | PHOENIX OIL COLOR SET

Product Description :

Choosing the appropriate set of colors and degrees to complete the final shape of the drawing is as important as choosing the appropriate drawing, as the role of color is not limited to reflecting the aesthetic image of the drawing, but it has many meanings and purposeful connotations. For academic drawing students as well as beginners, due to the quality of the colors that were made and packaged in a tight manner, ease of use by different ages and the possibility of use by children, it is the perfect choice to accompany you in the journey of art and creativity.


Product Features:

  • A variety of oil colors are listed from warm to calm colors.
  • Phoenix colors are characterized by high intensity and strong pigment, which are the first features that the painter is looking for.
  • Since Phoenix oil colors are considered to be creamy, a diluted color can be obtained by diluting it with any oily medium .
  • Phoenix colors enable you to draw on different materials such as paper and cloth.
  • Colors with a saturated color pigment make it possible to obtain many beautiful colors by mixing or dilution, so they are smooth and easy to stretch.
  • They are flexible in use as different degrees of the same color can be obtained by using an appropriate oily medium and diluting according to the required degree.
  • The most important thing about Phoenix colors is that they are safe for use by children.
  • The Phoenix brand is characterized by high quality, as the colors are made of finely ground pigments, which makes them flexible and easy to use in small and large spaces.



Number of Colors: The Phoenix color range consists of 12 colors with strong and intense pigment.

color capacity: Color tube of Phoenix has a capacity of 12 ml.

trade mark : PHOENIX.

Country of Manufacture: China.

6.48 USD

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