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Phoenix Oil Colors 18 Colors

9.45 USD

Phoenix Oil Colors | PHOENIX OIL COLOR SET

Product Description :

The Phoenix oil color set is flexible to use, as it can be used by people from a beginner level in drawing to professionals, academics and artists. It is a set of colors that are safe for children in addition to its ease of use.

Product Features:

  • A set of oil colors from Phoenix is characterized by the strength of its colors and the saturation of its color pigment.
  • Phoenix oil colors are creamy and intense, and a diluted color can be obtained by diluting them with any oily medium.
  • Oil colors are easy and flexible to use and can be easily blended.
  • The tone and glossiness can be controlled by using a suitable oily medium such as linseed oil.
  • The possibility of drawing on different materials of fabrics, papers and wood.
  • The strength of the Phoenix colors and the saturation of the chromatic hue enable more contrasting tones to be obtained by blending or diluting.
  • Phoenix colors are made with highly finely milled pigments, making them smooth and flowy, covering more area with less color.
  • Creamy, high-intensity colors are diluted for contrasting shades.
  • In addition to the possibility of re-painting on the same material, which makes it add an attractive and charming touch to the drawing.
  • The set includes the colors that the painter needs to implement imaginative and realistic drawings. It is a set of colors of magic and imagination.

number of colors:   The Phoenix color palette consists of 18 highly pigmented and intensely pigmented shades.

Color Capacity: The color tube of Phoenix has a capacity of 12 ml.


Country of Manufacture: China.

9.45 USD
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