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Phoenix Oil Colors 24 Colors

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The multiplicity of uses of colors on a daily basis, and this task is due to the provision of a large number of companies specialized in the manufacture of colors and drawing tools that provide artists and painters with the largest sufficient amount of raw materials and important materials in the formation of a distinctive and beautiful artistic painting that meets the needs of every talented person in his artistic life And her careful selection of the colors that some need in the paintings that suit our time, and are in line with the thinking of both young men and girls.

And because the importance of colors is a fact that cannot be abandoned by painters and artists, because it gives the painting a distinctive and beautiful artistic touch and works to improve the aesthetic view of the user.

Therefore, Phoenix decided to provide distinctive and new oil colors, in which there are many shades of colors required by every artist and painter, to give you complete comfort during the selection, to combine the fragrance of the past and the present with complete freedom, and we will now learn about the description of Phoenix colors and their uses:

Product Description:

Phoenix oil colors are one of the most famous and distinctive colors ever, which are used by great artists and painters, due to their high quality and ability to improve the general appearance of the painting, and enhance the colors of the painting in a distinctive and attractive way.

Colors are distinguished and quick products in the process of covering colors without complexity or defects, and other than that, they are lightweight and easy for you to use for long periods without placing a burden on the palm of your hands.

✬ The package features different and strong shades to give you the most freedom enough to choose the right shades for the work you do.

✬ It consists of 24 tubes of different colors and consists of high quality and rich oil colors, to create the latest and finest modern and distinctive paintings.

✬ Phoenix oil colors are also characterized by true color fastness, so they are not affected by the external atmosphere and do not work on fading as happens in most other traditional oil colors, which cause the image to fade and oil spread when used.

You can mix more than one color or more than two to get another color that gives you joy and another aesthetic touch to your painting, but you have to clean the brush first before the mixing process to get the desired color.


Phoenix oil colors work well with plastics, leather, wood, glass, metal, paper, porcelain, papyrus, fabrics, walls, stones, and more.


The product comes in a holder of reinforced plastic, with small holes for each color separately, in the form of a cardboard paper box for the safety of preserving the tubes for the colors.

Product type used:

✬ Versatile oil paint tubes.

number of components:

The product consists of 24 tubes of high quality oil paint.

the design:

Product form: oil paint tubes.

Ink type: permanent, mixable between two or more colours.

Products name: paint tubes.

Ink colour: multicolor.

Usage tips:

Phoenix oil paint tubes, the colors are easy to blend and remove from porous surfaces so be careful during use, after drying the colors do not expose the painting to water, so as not to ruin the painting.

√ It can be removed from the glass easily, but avoid staying on it for a long time.

Do not leave the paint tubes open for a long time because they can dry out, and this is dangerous to apply the colors easily and quickly.

Avoid contact with eyes and mouth, especially for young children.

Manufacturer: Phoenix.

Country of Origin: Phoenix Oil Tubes, Made in China.

12.15 USD

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