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Phoenix water colors 24 colors

12.15 USD

Basic information about the product

Product Description: These are colors that are made for kids and adults so they can show off a lot of their artistic creativity.

Product specifications: water-based paint

Number of ingredients: 24 watercolor

Capacity : 24 ml.

Design: Each color is inside a special tube, and the tubes are inside its plastic pallet

Product Type: Watercolor

Manufacturer: Phoenix Company

Country of Origin : China

Brand: Phoenix

Features :

This kind of color is designed with the utmost beauty and creativity.

This type of color is one of the colors that different children and adults like to complete their drawing process.

Its colors are strong and clear.

√ They retain the beauty of their colors distinctly under different lighting.

The drying ability of these colors is medium speed.

√ Its coloring power is very large.

Help talented people show their creativity in paintings so that they appear better than they want them to.

With the development of production carried out by Phoenix company, it turned to the production of various colors and succeeded in presenting distinct and different groups of colors, which have great attractiveness in being vibrant and giving great coverage for anything they are used in.

This kind of color has a great ability to meet the different tastes and needs of many great painters and artists.

♥ It is allowed to use on paper plates, as it fits and matches with different plates and gives a distinctive appearance to these plates.

Usage tips:

These colors are very safe for children and adults.

→ It is preferable to keep these colors out of the reach of infants to prevent them from getting any health problem.

Those colors have obtained various approved certificates, including the following EN71 certificate.

→ It is easy to move these colors from one place to another due to the small size of the box for those colors, so it can be carried while traveling to many areas with ease and use in a simple way.

12.15 USD
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