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Posca liner 8 colors

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Basic information about Posca liner 8 colors

Each of us is accompanied by his favorite hobby, and one of the best beautiful hobbies that accompanies us since childhood is the talent of drawing and coloring, whose memory extends since the inception of ancient civilizations. With Disney movies, pharaonic objects, flowers, trees, and more.

These books are considered the best-selling by the distinctive and famous children's toys in the recent period, so the company produced Posca pens for selection to make it easier for children to identify the drawings, geometric shapes and other figures contained in the book correctly and distinctively, which makes them have the ability to improve the appearance of the drawings and gain them greater enthusiasm for coloring.

These colors are not only limited to paper drawings, but can be used in several areas, such as coloring, drawing on walls, solid models, and defining drawings on wood panels, stones, fabrics and leather.

Product Description :

✬ Versatile paint pens and they are very famous pens because of the possibility of drawing on most surfaces, including plastic, metal, wood, glass, fabric and many more..

can wipe the paint on non - porous surfaces such as glass, but it sticks to permanently porous surfaces such as wood, paper and so on .

Posca pens features:

✬ The most important thing that distinguishes Posca pens from others:

Colors can be used directly on cotton objects, such as shoes, as shown in the picture below the description. This is a new trend of fashion, which is the use of Posca pens to change the old and traditional shape of shoes and fabrics in general, by drawing some geometric shapes or flowers and curves to form a distinctive shape A new shoe to make it more attractive and give you a distinctive look, and many artists and illustrators also used it in drawings and paintings, because it constitutes a wonderful design due to its distinct and unique quality, and modernity in the use of colors that define the curves of graphics accurately and systematically to improve the final form of drawings and shapes.

POSCA has been distinguished by the scrutiny of the choice of colors in order to give you the best colors that you can use to give the best image and with high quality of accuracy and formation, it can also be used by interior designers in the use of wall graphics, as the permanent stability of the material from which the colors are made makes it have the ability to persist for long periods on Walls, especially for children’s and youth rooms, are used directly on the wall to determine the drawings he wants or the required shapes. One of the most common things in the recent period is drawing on plastic or silicone pieces, such as drawing on plastic cups and others, and this is to add a distinctive artistic touch to handwriting in most of our close things Posca pens can also be used on fabrics, and we often see this in high school graduation parties, where boys and girls use Posca pens to write on t-shirts as a lasting memory, because of their superior ability to hold permanently and continuously.

The POSCA pens for marking are also distinguished by not being affected by water, so they are used in drawing and engraving on the external and internal walls without being affected. The water-based ink made from the color material helps not to spread and fade after a period of use, and this is one of the best features of Posca pens for marking.

A large percentage of parents prefer to use POSCA pens for children as they consist of non-toxic materials and are very safe for children.

Color design:

The color design was characterized by ease and comfort when using, making the palm of your hands configured to define correctly without unhealthy pressure on it, and the pen brush was distinguished by a slim head to facilitate the selection process on all uses, whether fabrics, stones, walls, and others.

Box components and contents:

The box consists of 8 different colors.

✬ The pens are equipped with a fine tip brush for alignment.

Available colors:

Black, White, Yellow, Pink, Red, Blue, Cyan, and Green.

Usage tips:

You can mix two or more colors to get another new color that increases the beauty of the painting you create, but all you need to do is clean the pen brush properly before blending to give you the desired color.

Bosca liners cannot be removed due to their superior quality and lasting hold, so be careful while using.

Be careful not to leave paint pens open for a long time as they can dry out and fly over time.

The Brand: The Posca range of pens belongs to the well-known and leading brand, Uni Posca.

Manufacturer: Uni Posca.

Country of Origin: Posca pens 0.7 mm 8 color Made in Japan

22.95 USD
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