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Posca pens 0.7 mm 8 colors

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Bosca pens 0.7mm 8 colors

✬ They are very famous pens because of the possibility of drawing on most surfaces, including plastic, metal, wood, glass, fabric and many more.

In the recent period, there have been many uses of different colors, whether for children or adults, and they have entered into arts and architecture, where some have used them in formation, drawing and large artistic paintings, and many painters have trusted them in their use of large paintings, which are the latest paintings spread at the current artistic level globally.

After the tremendous success in the uses of the famous Posca pens, whether in writing on fabrics or drawing on wood, wallpaper and walls, the company decided to make Posca pens with a tip of 0.7 mm to give you a more attractive appearance in the smallest details drawn and the latest accurate drawings that began to appear recently, which it considers Some are free art done through circular tree trunks.

Because of the high quality of Posca pens, many people have used them permanently in all their works, for example: drawing on the walls, which is one of the latest architectural fashion trends in recent times, as the selection of plastic drawings for children such as modern cartoon objects and some famous Disney figures.

Bosca 0.7mm pens facilitate fine drawing and drawing curves and improve their quality, as they are considered one of the best pens used in engineering art, as shown in the pictures.

Uses of Posca pens 0.7 mm:

✬ Posca pens have enjoyed their wonderful and distinctive quality in giving many people the distinctive shape of the required board, due to their high ability to draw professionally and easily on all objects, whether fabrics, plastics or wood.

Features of Posca Pens 0.7 mm:

✬ One of the best features of the quality of Posca pens is that they are very safe for children's use, as they are considered the best colors that are widely spread and safe for our children, due to its non-toxic water-based ink, unlike other traditional colors that consist of toxic materials mixed with alcohol that is only suitable for use very carefully.

can wipe the paint on non - porous surfaces such as glass, but it sticks to permanently porous surfaces such as wood, paper and so on .

The pens also feature a distinctive design that makes them best sellers for everyday use and for everything, as they are specially designed with a 0.7mm bullet shaped tip to give you the most detailed geometric graphics and shapes with intricate curves to make you have a distinctive finish.

✬ The colors are also suitable for precise coloring needed by delicate geometric shapes or art paintings consisting of several overlapping curves and shapes, the ability of POSCA colors to maintain their color without fading or fading makes them the perfect choice by most artists and illustrators around the world.

The group is also characterized by its high ability to draw on stones, and this trend is considered one of the most important artistic fashions by young men and girls, such as: drawing on small smooth stones, papyrus and tree trunks, as shown in the pictures.

✬ Posca colors are not limited to writing on paper only, but can be used on fabrics and antiques, many young people use them to write on fabrics, and we all see this in the annual university graduation ceremonies, and it is considered one of the best souvenirs after the university period.

This quality is distinguished by the possibility of merging, where you can combine two colors of colors together to get another color for use.

PACKAGE CONTENT: Box contains 8 assorted colors of POSCA's signature colours.

Available colours: white, black, yellow, green, white, black, blue, cyan.

Product type: multi-purpose paint pens.

Manufacturer: Uni-Posca.

Country of Origin: Japan.

Brand: UNi posca.

22.95 USD
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