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Posca pens 0.7mm 16 colors

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Basic information about the product:

✬ They are very famous pens because of the possibility of drawing on most surfaces, including plastic, metal, wood, glass, fabric and many more..

Product Type:

✬ Versatile paint pens.

Box Components:

✬ The box contains 16 different Posca Colors.

Available colors in the package:

White, black, yellow, green, white, black, blue, cyan, purple, red, brown, gold, silver, grey, beige, and light green.

The most important uses of Bosca colors:

✬ Posca colors are used in the final discussions of drawing on the walls, especially in children's rooms and youth rooms, to draw accurate geometric shapes and distinctive shapes that children need, such as Disney shapes and engineering youth drawings.

Many young people nowadays use it to create distinctive geometric art using papyrus, circular tree trunks and stones.

Many people use it to write on fabrics, such as T-shirts for graduation parties, events, and others, and it is used in engraving on cloth shoes to give them vitality and a distinctive luster from others.

✬ It is widely used in the renewal of old things, by placing some geometric shapes or simple embossing, drawing flowers and others.

✬ It can also be used on the relevant pieces, plastic cups and some antiques, as shown in the pictures below the description, and this is the most popular use by cafes because it attracts customers because of writing their names on their favorite drink cans.

Features of Posca Colors 0.7 mm:

✬ The advantages of Posca colors are greatly varied, and one of the most important of these features is that it is very safe for children to use, because it consists of non-toxic water-based ink free of materials.

It is harmful that causes harm to the child, so it is considered the best choice by many people, especially parents.

The group is also characterized by containing a large number of colors used to give you enough freedom when choosing colors, and is also characterized by its ability to combine two colors with each other at the same time to use another third color.

✬ It is distinguished by its meticulous use of objects, due to the distinctive design that makes it more widely used in precise engineering drawings that most architectural forms need.

✬ The colors are distinguished by the fact that they are made of water-based ink that does not evaporate and does not cause images to fade, due to the high quality that makes it retain its stability and distinctive color for as long as possible.

Colors are characterized by permanent stability, no matter how old they age, unlike other traditional colors that disappear over time or reduce their luster traditionally, and Bosca colors are not affected by water or air, so many use them in engraving on walls and drawing on shoes.

Color design:

The colors are designed by several experts to provide you with complete comfort during use, to make it easier for you to use on a daily basis without feeling any fatigue in the palm of your hands as caused by most other traditional colors.

The pen is designed with a smooth cylindrical shape with a fine tip of 0.7 mm in the shape of a bullet to ensure that you paint the smallest details of coloring, so it is always the perfect choice for all drawings and large engineering paintings.

Usage tips:

You can mix two or more colors to get another new color that increases the beauty of the painting you create, but all you have to do is clean the pen brush properly before blending to give you the desired color.

POSCA 0.7 mm pens consist of 16 distinctive colors.

√ They are difficult to remove due to their superior quality and lasting stability, so be careful while using on leather, fabrics and walls.

√ It can be removed from the glass easily, but avoid staying on it for a long time.

Avoid leaving paint pens open for a long time, as they can dry out and volatilize over time if left open, be careful to cover the pens well after each use immediately.

Paint can be wiped off non-porous surfaces like glass, but it sticks permanently to porous surfaces like wood, paper, etc.

Color Manufacturer:

Uni Bosca.

country of origin:

Posca 0.7mm pens 16 colors, Made in Japan.


The Posca line of liners belongs to the well-known and leading brand of Uni Posca.

39.42 USD
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