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Posca pens 0.9-1.3 mm 8 colors

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Posca Pencils 0.9-1.3mm 8 Colors

Specific product type:

✬ Versatile paint pens.

The number of components in the box:

8 different colors 0.9-1.3 mm.

Available colors in the package:

Black, White, Yellow, Pink, Red, Blue, Cyan, and Green.

Specific product type:

✬ Versatile paint pens.

Product basic information:

They are very famous pens because of the possibility of drawing on most surfaces, including plastic, metal, wood, glass, fabric and many more..

Our children at the beginning of life need to bring out their childish energy in various skills, such as playing, walking, drawing and building houses and buildings using small cubes, and because the majority of children greatly enjoy using colors, coloring shapes or drawing on stereoscopic surfaces, we now offer you the attractive Posca pens with their distinctive shape and uses The wonderful, which is an essential and important element in childhood due to the fact that it helps the child greatly in graduating positive energy in a delightful and distinctive form, and adults also use it in inscriptions and drawings on various models, we will now learn about the basic information of the product:

✬ Posca pens are used to write on all three-dimensional surfaces in an easy and simple way

✬ It facilitates the process of identifying shapes and drawings, due to the precise manufacturing that characterizes the design of the pen, and its high ability to identify shapes and lines in an easy and distinctive way.

Color grades have been chosen with great care to give the user the best accuracy and finest formation, as color grades are the most capable of identifying drawings and models and giving them a distinctive and attractive appearance that makes you create delightful graphics that improve the shape of the old hologram and give you a distinctive anthropomorphic and a new different trend.

✬ One of the most common uses of colors is to give the hologram or the colored image a distinctive glossy shape because it contains a distinctive glossy substance that gives a glossy luster when used, especially when artistic materials, or materials that some use as a craft for formation and for amateurs.

Now we can summarize the most important features of the product as follows:

✬ One of the biggest important advantages of colors is their quality, and their non-toxic water-based ink, thus limiting the risk of children using them no matter their age, because they give full safety to parents when buying Posca pens to exercise their beautiful childish talents in coloring and decorating.

Colors are also characterized by their ability to remain permanently stable, especially on flat faces such as papers, walls, or stereoscopic materials such as antiques, mobile cases, and others. below the article.

✬ One of the other best features of the product, which we assure the safety of its use by children, is that it is not mixed with alcohol like other traditional colors, and this is the main reason for making it stable and does not smudge when used, unlike ink that contains alcohol, which causes the color to spread and make it irregularly decent to use.

✬ It is also resistant to fading, due to the choice of distinctive and explicit color tones, which provides you with a direct choice of the degree you want without a defect

After a period of use and painting.

✬ It is also highly water-resistant, so do not try to remove the colors after use with water or something like that because its distinctive quality is permanently fixed on all surfaces and bodies except glass. You can wipe the color material from it, but do not leave it for a long time so that the removal process is not difficult for you.

Among the distinctive uses of colors is their use by shoe companies for engraving and formation in a distinctive and wonderful way, such as making circles and roses on some white shoes to give them a distinctive appearance and wonderful formation.

the design:

The colors are designed with a distinctive shape and a mixed bullet tip to increase the user's control in shaping and improving the shapes to be drawn, and it also features a smooth design that is easy to use and controls directly on surfaces and figures.

Usage tips:

You can mix two or more colors to get another new color that increases the beauty of the painting you create, but all you need to do is clean the pen brush properly before blending to give you the desired color.

POSCA 0.9-1.3 mm 8 pens consist of 8 distinct colors that cannot be removed for their superior quality and permanent stability, so be careful while using on leather, fabrics and walls, but they can be removed from glass easily.

Be careful not to leave paint pens open for a long time, as they can dry out and fly off over time

time if left open.

 Paint can be wiped off non-porous surfaces like glass, but it sticks permanently to porous surfaces like wood, paper, etc.

Color Manufacturer:

Uni Posca.

country of origin:

✬ POSCA 0.9-1.3mm 8 color pens, Made in Japan.


✬ The collection of Posca Markers belongs to the well-known and leading brand of Uni Posca.

22.95 USD
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