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Premium jelly roll set of 3 pens

4.05 USD

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Information about the Jelly Roll Collection

They are ideal pens for drawing and coloring, which can be used on all types of glossy, matte and thin paper as well as on colored and white paper alike.

Product Contents:   This special set contains three gel pens in three different colors.

Color of pens: white, gold, silver.

Product type: Sakura gel pens set of 3 pens.

Brand: Sakura.

Country of Origin: Japan.

Product Description :

✬ Drawing has its countless tools that the artist mainly needs to establish his paintings and highlight them in their best forms, which play an important role in reflecting the painter’s hidden skills and talents, which distinguish him from other painters, so we offer them one of the best tools used in drawing And coloring in the best possible colors and costs, which are the wonderful jelly colors.

Basic product specifications:

The set of gel pens has a number of special specifications that any professional painter is looking for, and these specifications are as follows:

A set of jelly pens.

Brand Sakura.

Consists of three different colored pens, which are gold, silver and white.

This set was designed with a number of distinct gel colors, according to the colors that are used in painting.

How to use :

These pens are mainly used for coloring, which are used on various types of paper, making them easy to use colours.

Product Features:

Our product has many, many distinctive products, and these features are as follows:

Suitable for all types of paper.

White color is used to give the painting some luster.

Generation colors help render graphics realistically.

The white color helps accentuate the lighting, especially on white Canson paper.

Use with light and dark paper.

It can be used to write manually.

They can be used for coloring.

One of the types of finely crafted water-resistant pens.

The set of pens comes with a distinctive design that is easy to control, thus easy to draw a precise painting.

The group contributes to clarifying the features of the painting and highlighting the important aspects of it.

Fade resistant.

4.05 USD

امل محرق

7 months ago



Amna Abdullah

9 months ago

جميلة وسلسة في الكتابة والتلوين


حسين الشهراني

10 months ago



Bandar Khaled

11 months ago



هدى الشمري

11 months ago

حبييييت هالمجموعه


بيان محمد

1 year ago

مرةة حلويينن

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