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Prima acrylic paints 500ml

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Acrylic colors from Prima | prima acrylic color

Product Contents:

Acrylic colors from Prima are available in multiple shades, with a capacity of 500 ml, according to the painter's need.

the number of pieces :

Acrylic paints have an endless variety of different colored pieces.

the color :

Acrylic colors have a number of different colors that are used to give a special beauty to the painting.

Product Description :

Colors are one of the most used things in drawing, as they are the basis of any artistic painting, especially color paintings, where colors are the most important part and there are many colors, but acrylic colors remain the best and easiest colors to use at all, which are characterized by being multi-colored and characterized by their smoothness and ease of use. Therefore, we offer you the acrylic colors from Prima, which will make the painting a distinctive aesthetic panel.

Product information and specifications:

Acrylic colors have a set of special specifications, which are as follows:

✬ Enjoy a large number of colors.

Color capacity: 500ml.

Sold individually.

Brand: Prima.

Country of Manufacture: Britain.

the design :

These colors are designed with an infinite number of colors that are very diverse, from which you can choose.

How to use :

These colors are used using the brush in a very easy and smooth way.

Product Features:

These colors have a number of countless advantages, which are represented in the following:

These colors are characterized by their fluidity and ease of spreading on the plate, coverage from medium to light, available in several colors and the capacity of one color is 500 ml, so it is economical.

✬ Acrylic colors are characterized by their multicolor, which allows the creation of artistic paintings with beautiful colors.

✬ The package size is very large enough for long periods.

✬ It is glossy and has a special luster that adds a special beauty to the painting.

✬ of water-resistant colours.

✬ Of the colors that accept different types of brushes.

✬ These colors are quick to dry, which reduces the risk of smearing the painting.

✬ Easy to use colors.

✬ Made of completely safe materials that do not cause any harm.

Product Type :

Acrylic colors from Prima 500 ml.

trade mark :

The brand that manufactured these acrylic paints is Prima.

country of origin :

The country of origin and origin of this brand, which has gained great fame in the recent period, is Britain.

5.94 USD

Baraka Alj

11 months ago

مرررره حلوه🤩


رهف ايمن

11 months ago



اروى القحطاني

1 year ago

حلو. اللون غير لامع👍🏼


Anwar Mazen

1 year ago

حلوين كلهم


هيا خالد

1 year ago

مره حلوين

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