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Prismacolor 24 skin tones


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Prismacolor 24 colors | Prismacolor colored pencils 24 color

Product Description :

Premium quality Prismacolor wood color palette contains a wide range of rich and vivid colors.

Product Features:

  • Prismacolor wood colors have a smooth, thick core.
  • The box contains 24 shades of special skin tones.
  • Each color has its own code number.
  • One of its advantages is that each color inside the box can be mixed with the other easily so as to give the paintings an attractive appearance as if they were a natural painting.
  • Its color pigment is saturated and intense, which makes it very smooth to use.
  • It combines woody and waxy colors in its features and ability to combine.
  • Very suitable with professional and novice artists and illustrators.
  • Can be used with pastel fiber colors in the same canvases.
  • This type of Prisma wood colors is also characterized by its softness and its ability to color large areas, as well as the ability to color small areas.
  • The box is elegant and can be used as a valuable gift.
  • You can mix more than one color to get additional colours.
  • Prisma is a world famous brand used by leading artists and professional illustrators.
  • The tip of the pen is thick and not easily broken.

Product details:

  • Color type: The box contains a set of wood colors with an intense tint.

  • Number of colors: 24 different colors.

  • Brand: Prismacolor.

56.70 USD
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