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professional drawing table stand

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Basic information about the product:

Wooden drawing table stand mixed with copper hinges to carry the art painting on it, as it helps to draw on the plate and makes it stable. It is placed inside the studio or anywhere.

product specification :

✬ Drawing table stand provided by monte marte, the size is 42 x 34 cm, with an extension of 77 x 36 cm.

✬ It can be folded easily and flat, so it does not take up space.

✬ The table drawing stand provided by the monte marte company has many angles easily and thus, you can take it in all directions.

It contains many drawers.

✬ The hand of this wooden stand is made of leather.

✬ The monte marte stand contains copper hinges, which made it more durable and controlled.

the design :  

✬ The drawing table stand is designed from durable wood, in addition to the copper-made hinges to withstand shocks, in addition to the hand made of leather, and not only that, but it is also characterized by its multiple angles to facilitate movement in all directions.

Features :

✬ This drawing table stand is designed with many angles and controls that help to deal with it easily and completely without difficulties in dealing with it.

✬ This stand provided by monte marte is one of the best types of drawing stands ever, due to its high quality and its manufacture of the finest materials that help it withstand shocks.

✬ It can be kept anywhere inside the studio or other where it is easy to fold and then easy to control its position without complications.

✬ It can be carried anywhere because it contains hinges that help in folding and carrying it, so it becomes easy to go anywhere.

✬ It works on the stability of the painting as it is easily installed on it and then it is easy to deal with and draw on it.

✬ This wooden stand helps to avoid mistakes for its stability and control over the painting presented to it, and accordingly, it is easier for the artist to deal with it.

✬ This stand gives the painting something of complete clarity, as it shows the nature of the painting and its attractive colors by the way it is placed on it, so it appears as a frame for it, giving it the required clarity.

✬ It is suitable for beginners because it helps in controlling the board.

✬ Accordingly, with the remarkable development of the monte marte company, it has tended to produce many wooden stands of various types and sizes that are suitable for all paintings, as it succeeded in providing the best types of wooden stands made of the finest types of wood, which made us recommend to buy them.

  These types of stands have a great ability to endurance and move to any place, as the monte marte company excelled in its design to suit all ages and also suit all places, and accordingly, it meets all tastes due to its multiple sizes and diversity.

This stand installs and controls all the plates that are placed on it, whether the plate is made of wood, paper, fabrics, etc.

Usage tips:

√ It is preferable to fold the stand after drawing on it to keep it always.

√ It is preferable to put the stand in the place designated for it after using it.

√ It is recommended for talented and senior artists because of its easy display of the painting and its solid stability, which helps to avoid mistakes when drawing.

√ It has always been used by senior mortals and outstanding talents.

Product Type: Wooden Drawing Table Stand.

Manufacturer: monte marte.

Country of Origin: China.

Brand: monte marte.

53.73 USD 82.35 USD
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داليا برنيه

8 months ago

احترافي بمعنى الكلمة ومرة مريح للوحات الكبيرة شيكوا على مقاساته. يخليك ترسم بوضعية مريحة، فيه كمان خيار تغيير الطول حتى يتناسب مع حجم لوحتك أنصح فيه وبشدة، فيه درج مقسم للأغراض

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