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scrub scrub

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brown sandpaper | Sandpaper

Product Contents:

Coarse sandpaper mounted on a hard surface, special grade sandpaper for the combination of wood and lead colors.

the number of pieces :

Our product has one piece, the scrub sander.

the color :

The scrubber has a light brown color.

Product Type :

Sanding pad.

Product Description :

The painter specializes in a certain type of painting, some of them choose to paint with oil colors or watercolors, or prefer painting with wood colors, lead or even charcoal, and the latter is one of the most types that must be used to combine their colors well, which certainly requires the use of sandpaper Especially for cleaning them from time to time after the completion of the drawing to enjoy the smoothness necessary for use, and sanding the pad is one of the most important tools that must be available with any experienced painter, you can get it from Firas with ease.

Product information and specifications:

The scrub sand has a number of special specifications, which are as follows:

✬ Clean the merging pads.

✬ Used to sharpen lead colors to make them look thin.

the design :

This sandpaper is designed in a coarse way to remove the outer layer of the scrub and make it look clean for use again.

How to use :

Sandpaper is used to clean the rubble from the remnants of the pencil stuck to it to return it as it was clean, and it can be used to sharpen pencils and pastels to obtain a thin tip.

Product Features:

The sanding pad has a number of advantages, which are as follows:

✬ The sanding of the scrub is a very important piece, because it is used in a number of matters related to drawing, as the scrub sanding does the following:

✬ Clean the drawing stencil, so that you get rid of the remnants of lead in the crayon.

✬ Can be used to sharpen pencils, as well as some other pencils such as pastels.

✬ Helps in obtaining fine-tipped pens, thus obtaining smooth and thin lines in drawing.

✬ It is made of good materials, thus it is not easily damaged.

✬ It can be used more than once and with more than one combination.

It is of adequate size, thus easy to hold.

✬ Helps in cleaning the scrub, no matter its size, whether it is small or large.

✬ Appropriate in size, thus it can be placed in any drawing tool box.

✬ Lightweight and easy to use.

✬ This sandpaper is used as a kind of cleaning brush for the blending tool for lead and pastel colors, as well as charcoal and is also used to sharpen the lead colors to make its tooth have the appropriate lift for painting.

2.43 USD
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اسماء علي

8 months ago

مره تفيدددد💙


ساره الزهراني 4909

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Saja S

8 months ago

حلوه وتفيد اذا بتتظفين بعض الادوات او تبردين فحم✅


ريمه العنزي

10 months ago

كنت احتاجها عجيبه


زهور الحربي

11 months ago


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