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Servin lacquer for large surfaces from Lefranc Bourjois

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Gum arabic varnish from Lefranc Bourgeois | LEFRANC BOURGEOIS DAMMAR VARNISH

Product Description :

Gum arabic varnish from Lefranc Bourjois, high glossy and viscous, preserved in a glass container with a capacity of 75 ml, used in polishing many types of surfaces.

Basic information and specifications about the product

  • Gum arabic varnish is characterized by its high glossiness and the ability to apply it to paintings, wood and some dry surfaces.
  • Protects the painting from fading over time.
  • Restores the colors and luster and luster.
  • Preserves the drawing boards from being affected by external factors.
  • Gum arabic varnish is distinguished by its viscosity and glossiness.
  • Store the varnish in a glass box.
  • Gum arabic varnish is applied on wooden surfaces and some dry surfaces, and this is due to its high glossiness.
  • Varnish is applied to the paintings because it keeps them from fading over time, as it restores the luster and luster of the colors.
  • The varnish is transparent, which makes it suitable for all colored surfaces.
  • The composition of the varnish is oily, which makes it a good water-resistant and protects all surfaces from being affected by water.
  • Varnish improves the appearance of surfaces, but it protects them from air and moisture.

Instructions for use:

  • Before using the gum arabic varnish, the package is placed in a container with warm water, due to the intensity of the viscosity of the varnish.
  • The varnish is used on the paintings after making sure that they are completely dry, and it is distributed on the plate in equal proportions using a special brush for varnish, and it must be ensured that it is clean before use.

Product details

Product type: Gum arabic varnish for polishing large surfaces.

Final Effect: Gives a glossy and transparent appearance to surfaces and panels.

Product capacity: 75 ml.

Brand: Lefranc Bourgeois.

Country of Manufacture: France.

9.45 USD
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