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silver paper

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The painter excels in drawing his artistic paintings in various types of colors that make it a dazzling and charming painting, but some painters sometimes need to add a distinctive touch to their paintings as a kind of aesthetic addition, which makes the painting look shiny and has a special luster, so they resort to silver paper, which gives a special luster to the painting .

Product Description :

Silver glitter foil is multi-use, it can be used with various arts and crafts, on art paintings, sculptures and decorations. It can also be used with resin , the silver foil gives the work a brilliant luster and a wonderful aesthetic touch.

Number of pieces: One package of special silver paper.

Color: Silver color.

Product Type: silver paper.

Product information and specifications:

Silver paper has distinct and glossy specifications, which most professional painters are looking for, which are as follows:

A distinctive package of silver paper that makes the painting stand out.

√ It is silver in color.

Versatile and multipurpose.

Shiny and smoothed with luster.

How to use :

Silver paper is used in many countless uses, as it is used in decorating paintings, as well as decorations, and it is used in many different handicrafts, as it will make it look very shiny.

Product Features:

Silver paper has many, many countless advantages, which are represented in the following:

✬ These silver papers are designed in a shiny silver color that is used in more than one way, which has a glossy and shining capacity.

✬ Silver paper is certainly one of the indispensable pieces in the field of drawing and decoration, as it is used by artists, whether in paintings or various artworks, because it

✬ It symbolizes the sophistication of the painting and adds some special touches.

✬ is a symbol of luxury in paintings and decorations.

✬ It is used because it helps increase luster and luster in paintings and artwork.

✬ It is characterized by its ability to stick and merge with any type of painting, whatever its materials.

The silver color is one of the distinctive colors that matches all the colors on the palette.

It is made of high quality materials.

It is characterized by its lightness and ease of control.

✬ It is evidence of the ingenuity of the painter because it helps him to highlight his ability to use colors .

✬ Available in different sizes.

✬ It can be used to decorate some other pieces like accessories pieces.

2.43 USD
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ريم المقاطي

3 weeks ago



رؤى الغامدي

8 months ago

ممتاز وسعر رائع


Amna Abdullah

11 months ago

مرة شكرا على شي الجميل حجمه حلو افتكرت صغير


Baraka Alj

1 year ago

جميل جدا جدا جدا


هدى الشمري

1 year ago


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