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Six Stadler Pencils

8.10 USD

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Staedtler 6 Pencils Product Information

✬ It is one of the first and most important steps of drawing that started from the ground up with pencils. Since ancient times, painters have used pencils as a basis for their drawings due to their full knowledge of the importance of the pencil in defining and shading paintings perfectly. The pencil has become primarily used in the initial drawing steps. Lead is one of the most accurate pencils used, because it trains the painter on the importance of attention to detail and focus. It can also be used in regular writing or detailed architectural drawing to bring out your talent to the world in simple steps.

Product Description :

✬ Staedtler 's pencils are one of the finest types of pencils known, of high international quality, efficiency in detail and accuracy, and it is characterized by different sizes, it is basically a set of 6 pencils.

number of components:

The set of Pencils from Staedtler consists of 6 distinct pens that differ in their sizes and sizes.

product specification :

✬ Staedtler's pencils have great specifications compared to other competing pencils in the market, it is the best at all and undisputedly, it will make you get a perfect painting full of fine details, that highlights the painting and easily reflects the aspects of your hidden talent, it can be used to shade the pencils drawn, as well as Shade the basis of the paintings to be painted to make it more accurate.

Features :

✬ Our unique set of Staedtler pencils is distinguished by an infinite number of features, which will make it your undisputed first choice, as it is a set characterized by the following:

Pencils are simple and affordable pencils.

Mistakes made while drawing with pencils can always be erased.

♥ It has no pungent or harmful odor.

Helps you control your hand and draw easily.

Can be used to draw, outline or shade easily.

Various types of papers can be used with pencils.

♥ They are mainly imported pens from the parent company in Germany.

♥ It is distinguished by its different number and sizes of pens, to enable you to select the appropriate shading for your drawing.

the design :

 ✬ Staedtler's pencils are designed with a thin and delicate design with a perfectly fine tip, to enable you to draw all the small details very precisely, to bring out the best talents and to highlight them, and to enable you to draw your charming painting with the best quality.

How to use :

When using a pencil, many think that its use in writing is the same as that used in drawing, but this is not true, you must learn how to hold the pencil while drawing, the pencil must be used in drawing and shading in a more inclined way and angle, practice using the pencil first by Use a sketch of canson paper or any other kind.

Product Type: Premium Made Staedtler Pencils.

Manufacturer: Staedtler is the manufacturer of this brand.

Country of Origin: Germany is the mother country, which is where the headquarters of the manufacturer of premium Staedtler pencils is located.

Brand: Stadler.

Customer reviews:

⋆ Premium Staedtler Pencils aid in accurate drawing.

Suitable for all people, especially beginners.

Can be used as a basis for drawing.

⋆ It can be used to shade paintings for ease of use.

8.10 USD

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